Humane Canada’s Fall Fortunes Cash Lottery will change lives!

From emotional support to companionship, animals are some of the very best friends we can have! Despite the important role animals play in our lives, they still face issues in our country, ranging from homelessness and hunger to neglect and abuse.

That’s where Humane Canada comes in. As the federation of humane societies and SPCAs, they are the largest animal welfare organization in Canada with over 50 humane societies, SPCAs and animal welfare organizations in their membership.

Humane Canada focuses on a wide range of animal welfare issues at the national level, working to promote the respect and humane treatment of animals in the home, on the farm, in the lab and in the wild. They’ve made notable progress with a strong national voice by promoting the concerns of animal welfare to government, policy makers, industry and the public.

Humane Canada recently announced its inaugural annual lottery to support their advocacy work and create positive, progressive change for animals in Canada. Launched in late September, the Fall Fortunes Cash Lottery will support the charitable work of Humane Canada.

Melissa Devlin, Manager of Annual Donor Relations and Engagement at Humane Canada, said, “This lottery is the first of its kind for Humane Canada. Our hope is to raise important funds for our work in animal welfare, while giving Ontarians the chance to win a significant cash prize just in time for the busy holiday season.”

Every ticket sold goes towards supporting animals in need, and the winner takes home a cash prize of half the funds raised. As tickets are purchased, the total prize and pot grows bigger. Ticket prices are $25 each, three for $50, five for $75 or eight for $100, and are available for purchase to Ontario residents 19 years and older. 

Devlin is excited about the fundraiser saying, “It will help change the lives of animals across Canada and give supporters the chance to win thousands of dollars.” The pot is still growing and will continue to climb until ticket sales end.

If you love animals or want to play for your chance to win, get a ticket or two soon – sales end on November 20th. Even better, consider purchasing a well-priced bundle of tickets; you'll increase your chances to win and support a fantastic cause. Tickets also make an excellent gift for the animal lover in your life.

You can purchase tickets here.

Your support of the Fall Fortunes Cash Lottery will give back to this important organization that advocates for one of our most vulnerable populations. Who knows… you might be the lucky one who wins half of the pot – but you’ll need to get tickets to find out!

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