If Summer Spending TookA Bite Out Of Your Budget

In a city as beautiful and historic as Ottawa, it doesn’t have a bad side—or season—but it’s especially wondrous in the summer. The city comes alive as it welcomes visitors from all around the world, and scenic nature walks are only a step away from the Byward for whenever you need a break from the urban hustle. Between the biggest Canada 150 celebrations, international music acts playing Blues Fest, and even monsters walking the streets courtesy of La Machine, it has everything you need and more.

Though lovely, the summer in Ottawa is fleeting. It isn’t here for long before we start to see yellow and red spreading through the trees on our walk behind Parliament. In our haste to make the most of the season, it’s tempting for those of us in the city to sample every single one of its special events and festivals on offer.

Before you know it, after securing tickets to the YOWttawa Concert and Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA, your bank account balance is a lot lower than when the season started. In some cases, if these tickets went hand in hand with expensive holidays outside of the city, your finances won’t support the same kind of spending through the rest of the year.

For those on a tight a budget, summer spending has its consequences. Your biggest problem won’t be saying no to fall’s Oktober Fest or winter’s NHL100 Classic outdoor game. If you mistakenly spent too much on summer’s delights, you could find paying for an unexpected car repair or prescription medicine a challenge.

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