IMI Raises Over $10,000 for Breast Cancer Research

"There is a cure out there; we just have to find it. maybe not in our generation, but we have to keep trying for our children and the next generations to come.”

CEO Diana Cuttell’s words over Skype last Friday afternoon as the IMI Ottawa and Huntsville offices donated money to throw pies at their managers.

The fundraiser started at the beginning of October with Mandy Gulliver, IMI’s Executive Assistant:

“October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I had the idea of getting the office involved with a small fundraiser where our employees could pay to throw pies in our managers’ faces. Everyone knows someone in their lives who has been affected by breast cancer and it was important to me to create awareness and make a difference.”

Rudi Asseer, IMI’s President, graciously volunteered his face for the cause.

“I was happy to volunteer! It was a great idea to raise money for an important cause, get our offices involved and also have a little fun.”

The IMI Ottawa & Huntsville office set up a live-stream video to watch the offices make their contributions. The employees raised just under 1,000 dollars, and then there was more:

“For each person who can throw a pie and make contact with a head, I will donate two-thousand dollars.”

Diana Cuttell set the challenge, and everyone in the office got the chance to deliver. In the end, after each employee took their turn at the 2,000 dollar shot, Diana Cuttell donated 10,000 dollars.

“I was not expecting that,” says Mandy Gulliver, “her generosity is incredible. It all goes to a great cause and one that affects so many people.”

“Almost every person, in some way, has been touched or affected by Breast Cancer. I wanted to do my part in contributing to Breast Cancer Research so, hopefully, there is a cure for our future generations.” – Diana Cuttell

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