In Search of Style

Ask Alex: Summer Chic
Q:  Does being trendy make someone chic? I’m looking to revamp my style but I don’t know where to start.  Do you have any advice on developing personal style?

A: I’ve received a lot of questions pertaining to style – what is it, who has it, and why we’re drawn to anything that is ‘chic’ which just so happens to say a lot without saying anything at all. I’ve rounded up a select group of Ottawa chic experts – “chicperts?” – with the goal of getting to the heart of personal style.

My top style advice:

DEFINE YOUR LOOK: Style is unique to all of us so don’t try to be someone that you’re not. Find clothing that makes you feel confidant and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit well – think sharp, smart and sexy.
THOUGHTS ON TRENDY: I don’t ever wear something because it’s trendy, because I know that what I choose to wear says something about me as an individual. I don’t believe in trying to be on-trend just to appear fashionable.

MY VIEW ON CHIC: Being chic is embodying the spirit of style without being consumed by it. For spring, wear something else other than that little black dress – yes it’s classic but experiment with colour!

Stylist and fashion consultant, Harry Rosen
Always in fashion:
“Structured tailored pieces ….the trick is all in the fit.”
Spring must-haves:
“Something nude, retro shades and something bright that makes you smile.”
Items you rely on:
“Amazing shoes, belts and a big bag….my life doesn’t fit in a small purse.”

Hairstylist and Sun News style contributor
Top 3 items in your closet:
“DVF wrap dress, Burberry trench coat and Louboutin black classic heels.”
Thoughts on ‘trendy’:
“I’m a big believer in dressing for one’s body type and following trends more with accessories and shoes.”
State of Ottawa style:
“It’s still a little conservative, but has pockets of glamour if you look!”

Fashion blogger,
Spring must-haves:

“This spring is all about bold, bright colours and wacky prints. High-waisted, wide-legged trousers have replaced skinny jeans. It is also a season of platform wedges, envelope bags and of course retro-style sunglasses.”

Thoughts on ‘trendy’:
“There is nothing wrong with staying on-trend as long as it doesn’t change your true personality. There are certain must-haves every season, but it doesn’t mean you have to completely change your closet. Wearing something vintage with a glimpse of this season’s fashion is the best way to do it.”

Something every woman should own:
“Every woman should own a pair of heels. They make you look taller and more feminine, because your walk becomes graceful and attractive.”

Fashion blogger,
Best shops for finds in Ottawa:
“Lately I’ve been buying a lot from, they carry a lot of unique and one of a kind items. I also love browsing through all the goodies in Victorie Boutique.”
If only three things were allowed in your closet, what would they be:
“My True Religion skinny jeans because they’re extremely comfortable, my puffy faux fur coat and my Guess red pumps.”
Your favourite fashion quote:
“Fashion fades but style remains eternal” – Yves St. Laurent

Photography: Photos courtesy of The Fashion Group International and Winners.

**Alexandra Gunn is the Life & Style Reporter for Sun News Network.