In Search of Style: Fall back on feminine fushcia and primal patterns

The Colour of Fall 2018

With undertones of blue, fuchsia is a vivid reddish purple that straddles the line between purple and pink. The striking hue is a feminine, fashion-forward and it’s giving red a run for its money as the sexiest colour to wear. It’s standing out as the top colour of the season with both high-end designers and fast-fashion retailers who are going all out with this statement shade. For a standout look wear it from head-to-toe or pop-it with a purse, a bright pair of heels, or a fuchsia separate with a navy or black outfit.

1. Tory Burch Chelsea Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag, 2. A.L.C. Vernay Blazer, 3. Grey Jason Wu Fritz Sweater • Nordstrom,  4. SWAROVSKI Bella Fuchsia Crystal Drop Earrings $79.00 • The Bay, 5. Canada Goose Approach Jacket in Summit Pink $795

Animal Instinct

Who doesn’t love leopard print? The bold and primal pattern has been a fashion favourite for decades and the fall/winter runways saw the revival of the classic print in eye-catching designs, cut in every silhouette. The popular print has been given another shot at the big time making it a must-have classic staple for this season’s wardrobe, regardless of age. And, don't just stop at leopard print. The runways included tiger print, zebra print and snake skin in their designs. Spotted at Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham and Calvin Klein, the ‘neutral’ designs will demand attention and harmonize with the rest of your wardrobe. Go on, take a walk on the wild side.

Style guidelines for leopard print:

1. LESS IS MORE. Avoid looking like a fashion victim by sticking with one piece a time: a coat, a pencil skirt, or a purse.

2. WEAR ONE PRINT AT A TIME.  If not done properly, mixing animal prints will look messy not modern

3. DON’T OVER-ACCESSORIZE. Animal prints are decorative on their own. Leave the accessories for other outfits that require added glam

1. Micheal Korrs Large Snakeskin Tote $578.99, 2. Marshalls Leopard Print Coat $79.99, 3. Aldo Neverland Bag $50.99, 4. Marshalls Leopard Print Tote $179.99, 5. Kate Spade leopard print chunky sweater, 6. Winners Leopard Print Pump $99.99

Alex's Faves

There’s something about the crisp fall season that inspires me to not only switch up my wardrobe but to also revamp my day-to-day routine. Updating my personal fragrance is one of my favourite ways to celebrate the changing seasons. While you're at it, change the scent of your home with scented candles. Then, switch up meals with a new recipe or two. Right now, I’m pouring over On Boards for for effortless entertaining and Smitten Kitchen Every Day for new family-style meals

1. Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne, 2. Ginger Pumpkin Spice candle $19.50 Indigo, 3. On Boards $25 Chapters/Indigo, 4. Smitten Kitchen Everyday $40 Chapters/Indigo