Inside or out, Total Epoxy Ltd. Brings New Life to the Surfaces of Your Home

Do you have a bubbled-up pool staircase that needs repair? Is your hot tub cracked, or is the pool lining ripped? Maybe your counter is broken or has cracks where bacteria can infiltrate. Is your basement mouldy due to a crack in the foundation? Or, perhaps it’s time to upgrade the garage floor since cracks are forming in the cement.

Surely, there isn’t a one-fix solution for all these problems; they seem far apart in scope. But there is, and it is called Epoxy. Made from two main components, epoxy resins and cured end products, epoxy resin coatings are known as polyepoxides and have a history of bonding things together well.

While some other companies offer epoxy services, Total Epoxy will coat almost anything. Despite touting its own horn for providing “total service,” the company’s origins are humble. Tyler and Troy Cote are the co-owners and the only full-time employees.

The first cousins grew up in a large family in a small town outside of Ottawa. Their fathers come from a family of fourteen siblings, where everybody is handy at something, which, combined with a can-do attitude, provided them with a solid foundation for success.

The cousins began repairs for Tyler’s father, and things grew organically. “Over the years, we started doing our own thing,” says Troy. However, after working independently for 15+ years, they merged and re-branded as Total Epoxy Ltd. in the fall of 2020. Their services have been in demand ever since.

Tyler explains that epoxy and resins stick to anything except asphalt and metal, with certain exceptions: “You just have to specialize in what sort of resin you use.”

Generally, inground pool stairs are made of fibreglass and can bubble, which worsens over time. They can also get water blisters that must be ground out, which is no small task. The cousins note that “sometimes as many as 300-500 blisters in a set of stairs, so it can be quite labour intensive”.

Pool stairs and pool lining are among the duo’s mainstays; both can be substantial costs to replace. With Total Epoxy, repairing pool stairs is a two-day project. They generally take a whole day to refinish and can be reinstalled the next day.

The cost-saving benefit is significant for pool owners dealing with pool stair issues. Stair replacement is typically between $10,000 and $20,000, while refinishing is a fraction of the cost, ranging from $2500 to $5000.

Each repair also comes with a five-year warranty on lifting or peeling. Repairs generally last ten to fifteen years, the standard life of a pool liner. As Troy puts it, when it’s time to change your pool liner, you’ll need new stairs again, but the repair will last until that time.

Epoxy can also fix flooring, from a washroom to a resurfaced garage to an entire house that needs new flooring due to water damage. Epoxy floors are an excellent alternative for basements, which often have improperly installed flooring that becomes damaged with dampness. Epoxy creates a beautiful, durable finish that is great in work and living spaces. No job is too big or too small for the duo, who have even installed epoxy floors for clients with multi-level homes.

In the kitchen, Total Epoxy can give new life to your laminate countertops that are bubbled, cracked, or just need a touch-up. Applying an epoxy resin coating on your counters can also update old counters. Simply choose from one of the patterns and colours to take to your kitchen, from a relic of the past to modern and stylish.

Epoxy is not only great for floor counters and stairs, but it can also be used to put things back together and make them as good as new. A recent success story was the complete repair of an unusable hot tub. The tub was so severely damaged that it seemed beyond repair. However, over two days, using as many of the original pieces as possible along with acrylic fillers, Total Epoxy was able to completely rebuild the hot tub to its original look and colour, mirroring the factory-delivered model.

The hot tub success story is a testament to Total Epoxy’s expertise and dedication, inspiring confidence in their ability to handle even the most challenging projects. Total Epoxy truly does mean total; anything they can repair, resurface, or put back together, they will.

As Troy puts it, they take immense pride in their work. “We always try to go the extra mile and offer the best solution possible. Integrity is important.”

Visit totalepoxyltd on Instagram to see a sample of before and after videos from recent projects, or find them on Facebook @totalepoxyltd.