• By: OLM Staff

International Canadian Golden Gloves / NAV CENTRE / Cornwall

By Raquel Ruiz

An outdoor tent with two boxing rings has been set up at the NAV CENTRE in Cornwall to receive 200 boxers – starting the first chapter of the International Canadian Golden Gloves.

From July16 to 20, boxers from all over Canada will have an outlet to get at least one bout in all contested categories.

Many of the boxers are novices and will have the opportunity to not only box for the championship, but to spar in a ring that has been set up especially for that purpose.

“It is great exposure for the boxer, who will gain great experience,” says Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada High Performance Director. “It’s a great tournament for the long-term development of Boxing Canada.”

This Golden Gloves tournament is for male and female boxers. Junior, youth and elite divisions will be contested. All competitors wear headgear.

“We don’t really have tournaments in Canada, where novice and open boxers can compete on such a large scale and gain experience,” said Pat Fiacco, Boxing Canada President.

During the championship, there will be different levels of talent, but all boxers will be able to participate in the prestigious International Golden Gloves Tournament.

“For us, it’s a learning experience, athletes, coaches and Boxing Canada in general,” Fiacco said.

The tournament is being financed through sponsors and sales of merchandise.

“It’s very exciting to host this event and I’m looking forward to having a great experience, but we know there will be growing pains,” Fiacco summed up.