Issues set to arise for the Opposition Party in the upcoming Federal Election

Photo credit: Andrew Scheer/Flickr

With the upcoming 2019 Federal election, tensions are arising as parties begin to build their platform. In a survey conducted by Abacus Data, approximately 2,000 Canadians aged 18 and older were polled online. It was found that over 57% prefer a change in the current government, bearing in mind that liberals won just under 40% of the vote back in 2015.

Photo credit: Bruce Anderson & David Coletto, Abacus Data

Out of the 57% of individuals that are looking for a change in government, more than half are looking specifically for a fiscal change.

Photo credit: Bruce Anderson & David Coletto, Abacus Data

The study also found that that those who are deciding between voting for the Conservatives or re-electing the liberals rank debt, immigration and refugees, as well as the PM’s trip to India are at the top of their list.

The issues arising from this election are not only to do with the advertised platforms of the Conservative Party, rather how Trudeau and the Liberals will work the adverse effects of each key point to their advantage.

So, let’s take a look at some of the current platform points of the official opposition party:

The Conservative Party

Free Speech on Campus

The PC’s are fighting for free speech on campus, as they are fighting for a place where young adults can be exposed to new ideas and have their opinions challenged.

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer believes that free speech should be enshrined in order to protect the fundamental freedom of free speech.

However, while Trudeau worked so hard to ensure that all of ‘people-kind’ are heard, he ultimately contradicted the significance of free speech, and it is expected he will do it again in an attempt to win over voters. 


The PC’s supports pipelines in general as they supply hundreds of thousands of Canadians with the opportunity to work.

It supports the energy sector, the manufacturing sector, as well as the construction sector. Which leaves lots of Canadians in every province the opportunity to be employed.

It is also a safety measure as it gets oil and gas off of railways.

Overtime, Trudeau’s support for pipelines has grown as he has started to approve some projects such as Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain. However, this wasn’t always the case.

Carbon Tax

One of the PC’s main goals is to get rid of Trudeau’s Carbon tax and replace it with a climate plan that will meet Paris targets.

The Liberals plan will accumulate approximately $50 per excess tonne by 2022.

Scheer’s plan is set to meet the UN’s target to fight climate change, also referred to as the Paris accord or Paris agreement.