It’s #avotime

Sunny summer weather is finally here and what better way to celebrate the welcomed season than by breaking out the barbeque, inviting friends over, and enjoying a lovely meal outside? This summer, people can make some #avotime memories with friends and family with a little help from Avocados From Mexico.

Whether you’re trying to start your day off on the right foot, need some fun on your lunch break, or having a nice patio dinner outside with friends and family, avocados have got you covered. Rich in Vitamin K, C, B5, E, potassium, and many other healthy nutrients, these green fruit fall under the textbook definition of superfood.

Adding avocados to your meal will not only boost the flabour, but it’ll also help to make sure you’re eating healthy this summer. Avocados From Mexico supplies the finest of these fruits year-round. Not sure how to cook with avocados? The AFM website to teaches you how to master the art of the avocado. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a light snack or side-dish: Avocados From Mexico has got you covered.

Choose from one of their several delicious avocado toasts like their raspberry and blue cheese avocado toast to add a boost to your breakfast!

Looking for a flavour-enriched sandwich to brighten up your lunch break? Why not try the roast beef and caramel iced notion panini with avocado horseradish sauce? Or what about an avocado and roasted corn crab burger with chipotle cream?

What about an outstanding, summer dinner to remember? Well, you can share a baja-style lettuce fish tacos with tangy guacamole sauce and spicy escabeche vegetables.

Not looking for a full meal? Why not try their avocado deviled eggs, with either prosciutto or red peppers?

Any which way you choose, Avocados From Mexico has these (and plenty more) scrumptious recipes for you to try. All with different serving sizes, tastes and difficulty level. Check them out today to spice up your summer meals with some #avotime goodness.