John Reno Tips: Express Yourself With Tile

Tile is the most commonly installed material in the bathroom. Use a combination of texture, layout and size to create a stunning bathroom. Here’s what trending in tile.

SUBWAY OR STAGGERED —  Subway tiles are often found in the dimension of 3”x 6”. This beautiful pattern is truly stunning when used on bathroom walls, whether it be for half walls or the shower surround. This tile was designed in New York City, 1904 and used in the first ever subway station, hence the name. Whether you stick to classic white or a modern slate or black, you could never go wrong with this choice.

HEX TILES — Hexagon mosaics really came into the limelight in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Commonly seen in black and white, this style was popular amongst the upper class of the time. All trends seem to come and go from decade to decade and we are glad that this one has come back around! Hexagonal mosaics have a wonderful way of giving a depth and modern feel to a space. This fall, you will see a smaller 4” hex for that retro/urban feel, and the larger 12” hex — giving a very modern and chic look to the bathroom.

HERRINGBONE — One of the most classy/contemporary tile patterns that you will see this fall. With its’ arrow like design, this intricate pattern does very well on a bathroom floor as you can direct the eye to the main focuses of the room. A 3’ x 18’ tile is a wonderful choice when tiling an ensuite floor. Try the Herringbone with a matte finish tile, for easy cleaning and a fresh, bold look.