JOHN’S RENO TIPS: Flooring 101

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to spruce up your home without a complete overhaul would have to be – hands down – flooring. Let's talk about the popular picks for flooring that you can have installed in your home, and where they are best suited. The list is endless, though there are a few that truly stand out for specific rooms in your home: Tile, hardwood and laminate.

Tile is most commonly used in bathrooms or kitchens as it is considered to be the most durable and resilient.

Paired with an outstanding subfloor (such as the SchluterDitra), your flooring will boast a substantial 10-year warranty for even more peace of mind.

Tile is always a go-to as it is able to withstand high traffic and moisture which are both extremely common in the kitchen and bathroom. Our rule of thumb here is to stay away from softer flooring as it cannot handle as much foot traffic or much in the way of spilt milk or bath water.

Hardwoods are most commonly used in living rooms, family areas and bedrooms.

These areas do not see as much commotion and rest far away from (most) moisture.

They offer a true warmth and luxury to the room, that has no parallel.

Hardwood is a beautiful option. With so many grains and stains to choose from, it will leave your home looking absolutely breathtaking, wherever you decide to have it installed.

Consider laminates as one of the flooring treasures out there.

It can be used in virtually any room in your home. With hundreds of colours and patterns, these MDF printed boards are versatile and trendy. They do well in basements (as they retain heat), are softer under foot and can handle expansion on contraction from winter to summer. Laminates are also on the least expensive end of the flooring spectrum for material cost as well as labour.

The decision rests with you.

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