• By: OLM Staff

John’s Reno Tips: Home Reno Dos and Don’ts

Are you looking to renovate your home this year? Often, when you don’t have much in the way of experience, renovations can be more of a nuisance than anything. Some of the biggest problems typically arise from the smallest of details.

The demolition and remodelling of an area in your home is a hassle if it is not done correctly. From determining a suitable time of the year, having the correct measurements of a room, deciding the length of time you’ll need to complete the work, to even simply making sure that you have found the best paint colour; these are tasks which can quickly become overwhelming.

To make life a little more simple this spring, John from Your Reno Guys has narrowed down the biggest DOS and DON’TS for your next renovation.

Make concise decisions, but not hasty ones.

This is quite simple and can certainly help lift some of the burden of renovating. Of course, no matter the size of the job, we, as homeowners, are inevitably investing a decent amount of money into a home renovation. You want to ensure that your home will look absolutely perfect.

One of the main issues that we hear is that often homeowners are undecided on the final picture, after the renovation is said and done. This can actually result in a slew of problems. Not only will this delay the renovation, no one wants to be living with renovations for months and months on end. Determining whether you should take down that wall in the living room for a more open concept, or what kind of tile you want for the kitchen floor are all extremely common issues. Our biggest tip for this is to have a rough plan in mind before starting any of the steps in purchases, ordering and so forth. Often, indecisiveness can result in having to reschedule many steps along the way, I.E; the plumber, electrician, mudder, tiler (the list goes on). If you know what you want before getting your feet wet, it will save heaps of stress and wasted time.

You get what you pay for.

We have all heard the old saying “you get what you pay for”. When it comes to renovations, you should never leave the quality of your work up to chance by using dodgy products. This is not about opting for a less expensive tile here, tile is not poor quality simply because it is inexpensive. It is about skimping out on steps that protect and guarantee your work. Use Schluter Kerdi waterproof membrane for your shower surround, to ensure you are shielding your drywall and foundation thereafter from water and mold. Do not bypass the use of Ditra Mat subfloor, which is hands down, the number one uncoupling membrane to protect your tiles and grout from shifting and cracking (and carries a ten year warranty).

If you are a hands-on type of person, this can be a great attribute when it comes to renovation work. If not, never be shy to have a renovation company help you out along the way. If you are comfortable completing parts of the reno on your own (and save yourself some money) this is always a treat. If you are the imaginative one in the family, and are capable of envisioning the final product, you could even spare yourself a designer.

Patience and understanding are the biggest keys to a successful renovation, and knowing that these things take time. You cannot expect them to be done overnight, yet if you are willing to be a bit flexible and expect to have a few delays along the way, this makes the process a whole lot more enjoyable, for everyone involved. Spring is here and it is time to make a positive change around the house. Whether it is just a fresh coat of paint or the addition of a cozy reading space, the options are endless and always at an arm’s reach. No dream is too big and no project is too small.