John’s Reno Tips: The Counter Cunundrum

Kitchens by nature, are the most desired renovation projects. Whether it be just a few touch-ups to spruce things up, or a complete gut and remodel, we have you covered. First, there are stone countertops.        

The trend for countertops has been stone for quite some time as most of us would already know.  However, the question is how to choose which type of stone. In newly renovated kitchens, we often see one of two (affordable) stones installed for counters, quartz or granite.  As they both are incredibly popular choices, they do have differentiating characteristics that may help you choose one over the other.

Quartz has quickly become more popular than granite, though more expensive.  Quartz has plenty of options for colours as this stone is manufactured and colours easily. Quartz does not need to be sealed yearly, which is another big bonus for low-maintenance homeowners.

Granite on the other hand, is a timeless stone that has been used for years in the kitchen. An attractive quality to homeowners is that granite is a natural stone that is pulled as a sheet from the earth, giving this truly natural feel to the home.

Granite has always been sought after for the kitchen, as it can last a lifetime with proper upkeep.

There are no big drawbacks in the choice of either stone. The choice is always up to the homeowner and both quartz and granite defend themselves with undeniable beauty. Which one will you choose?

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