JOHN’S RENO TIPS: Why you should be doing renovations in the winter

People don’t often think of winter as a prime time for renovations. Instead, when the temperature drops, most people will start dreaming of their future summer projects and line up contractors for that busy peak season in the renovation business. Their houses then remain virtually untouched when the weather gets cooler. However, John Gordon says winter can be a great time to take on projects, including DIY jobs.

For starters, make all the time spent indoors productive by tiling floors, bathrooms, kitchens or painting. These projects can be done easily and thanks to sales, cost effectively. Home improvement stores may offer discounts on tools or materials in chilly months. You can even take advantage of winter sales to get a head start on planning for the spring.

Furthermore, when these indoor projects are completed in the winter, more time can be allocated towards outdoor projects when the weather warms up. If DIY is not your thing, finding a contractor in the winter months can be easier too. Because business is slower, contractors tend to be more available in winter. That’s good news for homeowners who can benefit by negotiating better prices. Contractors can also provide better customer service since they have fewer job sites to juggle so clients have more one-on one access.

Career Change?

If, while completing your projects, you catch the reno bug, you may find yourself interested in new challenges. If so, 2016 could be an exciting time for you. Individuals wanting to pursue skilled trades will have a new place to study, as John Gordon plans to open a skilled trades school in Ottawa. The demand is definitely there. According to Gordon and multiple construction companies, there is a need for skilled tradespeople, not just in Ottawa but across Canada. One of the key goals of Gordon’s school will be to ensure that students are properly educated and that employment immediately follows graduation. To assist with that endeavour in the capital, Gordon is developing partnerships with some of the 600 renovation companies in Ottawa.

Students at this trade school will learn various aspects of renovations, such as demolition, drywall, trimwork, tile work, flooring, painting and the most innovative ways to do renovations. More contractors can only be good for consumers looking for reno help.