Join the Flora Foot Bridge Flash Mob to support Ukraine

It’s been nearly one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine threw the world into a state of turmoil not seen since the Cold War. From day one, Ottawa has stood in solidarity with Ukraine.

The UN General Assembly condemned Russia’s unprovoked, full-scale military aggression against its sovereign neighbour, while Canada and its allies worldwide are providing humanitarian and military aid.

The war may seem a distant event to many Canadians, but Ukraine continues to suffer catastrophic damage and losses defending its land in the ongoing conflict. Around the globe, people and landmarks are flying the blue and gold flag of Ukraine in solidarity to show that the country is not forgotten, even in its darkest hour.

Ottawa residents will have the chance to do the same on Monday, February 20th, at the Flora Footbridge across the Rideau Canal. Bring a Ukrainian flag, the flag of your homeland, or a Canadian flag. At 3:00 p.m., a 98-foot-long Ukrainian flag will be unfurled to show Ottawa’s support for our ally and fellow democracy.

The event is co-sponsored by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the Ukrainian National Federation, Café Ukraine, and other community organizations, as well as the Friends of Ukraine Diplomatic Group, which comprises over 30 different diplomatic missions in Canada, including the Embassies of Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Portugal, the High Commission of the United Kingdom, and the Embassy of the United States as well as the delegation of the European Union to Canada.

The Friends of Ukraine supports Ukraine's right to maintain sovereignty over its internationally recognized borders. It also supports safeguarding the security of NATO states, many of whom share borders with Russia, including Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada, Her Excellence Yulia Kovaliv, is extremely supportive of the upcoming demonstration in support of Ukraine. "This flash mob marks indelible solidarity between the people of Ukraine, the people of Canada, and freedom-loving peoples throughout the world.”

Kovaliv thanks Canadians for their continuing support of her country, saying, “Ukraine is grateful for the ongoing overwhelming support of the Canadian people across the country."

Ukraine will win with the support of Canada and the rest of the world’s democracies, but every Canadian can still do something to show support or help out. Bring your Ukrainian flag and show the world's dictators that free people are not afraid — glory to Ukraine, and glory to the heroes.

If you can’t make it next Monday but would like to support Ukraine, there are still things you can do. Local Canadian-Ukranian philanthropist Lexy is accepting donations to help people suffering in Ukraine and runs, where you can buy Ukrainian-themed clothing with 100 percent of the profits helping to support the people in war-torn areas that need support more than ever.

Photo: Courtesy Embassy of Ukraine in Canada