JUNO by Numbers!

Photos by Kamara Morozuk

We all know the JUNOs are going to be one massive party Sunday night featuring some of the best musicians in the country.

But what does it take to put it all together?

This year the JUNOs are even bigger than ever and that’s not just the extra half hour of show.

More sound, more lights, more stage all have to be meticulously put together by more crew before the first of more cameras roll at show time.

Ottawa Life got a closer look –we’re talking Bryan Adams dressing room kind of close– at the production only a few days away from the big night and now we’re going to let you peak behind the curtain for a glimpse of what it takes to bring such a massive show to the music loving masses!

Shawn Mendes fan mail awaits him outside his dressing room.

41 million pixels of video LED panels

280,000 watts of audio power

275,000 watts of video power

256,412 watts of lighting power

25,000 ft. of video cable

10,800 amps of show power

8,500 ft. of camera fibre cable

6,500 personnel working hours this week

4,000 ft. of video fibre cable

3,850 square ft. stage

2,364 ft. of lighting and video truss

Just some of the equipment waiting to be turned into the massive JUNO sets.

1,500 sq. ft. of rolling risers

1,146 energy efficient lighting fixtures

450 microphones

412 panels of video LED

214 lighting and video chain motors

210 PA speakers

140 local crew members

86 TV tech personnel

65 intercoms

The seats are just waiting to be filled by your favorite music stars…and Mayor Jim Watson!

40 production TV/monitors

35 TV production crew

34 dressing rooms

13 4K HD mobile cameras

12 mobile dressing rooms

5 performance areas on stage

3 moving video walls

2 audio mobile units

1 30 ft. 360 degree flying camera crane

Now the JUNOs are allowing you to get closer than ever without leaving your living room.

JUNO TV will give you exclusive backstage access during the show, a 360 red carpet live stream, and interviews by YouTuber Sam Sutherland and Indie 88’s Lana Gay. It’s the only place (without being there) where you can check out the 2017 JUNO Gala Dinner & Awards Saturday night and have a fly on the wall view of what happens in the Media Centre.

We’re just a few days away and whether you’re there live or watching it from home, there’s another important numerical stat you shouldn’t forget:

1 amazing night of Canadian entertainment!

In case you missed it, Ottawa Life wants to give you a
little slice of all the JUNO week festivities
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Still time to enter and win two tix!