Jurassic Quest is a Dino-score Experience for the Whole Family

Have you heard? Dinosaurs are invading Ottawa! From November 17-19th, North America’s biggest dino show will be in town to transport you back to the prehistoric era. The event coming to the EY Centre features tons of attractions and has become beloved by millions of visitors.

At the centre is the extensive collection of seemingly live-moving dinosaurs, from giant Giganotosaurus to small hatchling dinos. Far from being the average animatronic show, the dinosaurs of Jurassic Quest have been assembled and designed with meticulous attention to detail. Leading palaeontologists were consulted to ensure that the skin, scales, teeth and feathers of the largest reptiles ever to walk the Earth are correct. Every other detail, including how they would have moved and what they would have sounded like, was triple-checked and signed off by paleo pros.

New dino-rific additions have been added for the Canadian tour that make it even more interactive for kids and adults alike. Can you run as fast as a raptor? Probably not, but you can still try in the Raptor Run. These incredible creatures were known to be able to go as fast as 32kpm in short bursts. You can try to outpace Utahraptors Jojo and Diego as they chase you.

You’ll also want to take part in the Rope-a-Raptor event. It’s kinda like being a Jurassic cowboy, but instead of horses, you’ll have to rope some stray saurions. Thankfully, there will be a team of professional dino wranglers or “BrontoBusters” to help you wrangle the dinosaurs and lead them back to their pens before a breakout of Jurassic proportions happens!

Jurassic Quest also includes educational experiences so kids can learn about dinosaurs in a fun and interactive way, like the dig for dinosaur bones at the excavation station, where future palaeontologists might discover their calling! The dino-fun continues with Jurassic-themed rides, inflatables, and a face-painting station. Other fun activities include “The Quest,” a self-guided scavenger hunt-style activity where budding palaeontologists can become Jr. Dinosaur Trainers. Jurassic Quest has also launched a new video tour that’s already getting “roaring good” reviews from families and features star dino trainers: Safari Sarah, Dino Dustin, Prehistoric Nick, and Park Ranger Marty (available onsite and on your phone via QR code)! All expanded activities are included with general admission.

The great experience will continue at home with the Jurassic Quest’s virtual resources. Kids can visit online and learn about dinosaurs year-round. Join the Jurassic Quest dino trainers as they celebrate Dino Day, Fossil Day and more Dino-tastic days with activities such as Dino Storytime, Show Tell, fossil lessons, and more.

Families can also access craft activities, word searches, colouring pages, and more for free, as well as the extensive Jurassic Quest dino directory. The Jurassic Quest theme song is newly remastered with closed captions so families can sing along!

Not only is Jurassic Quest a load of fun, but through its Community Quest initiative, it is excited to once again partner with Kids Up Front. It donated nearly 1,000 tickets to Kids Up Front chapters during its western Canada tour. Kids Up Front creates joy, promotes inclusion, and strengthens communities by connecting children and their families to enriching experiences through the belief that all kids should have access to fun events.

If you’d like to attend, you can click here to purchase tickets or stay tuned to Ottawa Life Magazine for a chance to win one of three family passes for four, useable for any day and any time while Jurassic Quest is in Ottawa!

Don’t miss this fun opportunity to see the closest thing to real-life dinosaurs and have a fun dino-mite day with the whole family.

For more information on Jurassic Quest, visit jurassicquest.com