Just In Time For the Weekend, Canadian 12-piece The Commotions Unleash “Bad Girl” Video!

"Bad Girl” is The Commotions’ newest single off Volume II, their latest full album.

The entire release is brimming with the type of next-level, Motown-meets-modern, jazzy, funky, pop, soul and pure sonic joy that only The Commotions and their 12 regular members plus 16 noteworthy guests accompaniments can bring! It’s no questions why they have been dubbed “ones to watch”: the Canadian jazz / soul / funk collective savvily command every room they play, drawing in audiences with their sizzling brass section, thumping backbeat, and sensitive ballads.

This performance prowess means that, as one of Canada’s resident big bands, they have sidestepped the lightweight pop craze and taken the back roads straight into the hearts of their loyal fans, earning unwavering support from the true lovers of genuine, unsullied soul music.

Known as the 12-piece collective of sharply dressed, incredibly talented musical artists they are, The Commotions revel in their original throwback to the days of Motown.

Their Fall 2017 full-length album release Volume II continued this musical quest by providing epic, sparkling, catchy and uncommonly skilled songs that, as Musical Director Brian Asselin explains, are about reclaiming the spirit of soul.

“Soul is the music of the people,” Asselin says. “If you look at all the iconic soul performers like Marvin Gaye or even the Temptations or the Supremes, they were documenting what was happening in the world.

“Soul music spoke to that. We are trying to do that today.”

Already featuring the likes of Rebecca Noelle (Soulstice, Quebec’s version of “The Voice” — “La Voix”) and Jeff Rogers (The Cooper Brothers) — plus musical director, producer, songwriter, and tenor sax ace Brian Asselin — Volume II’s impressive and lengthy roster of guest features includes, among others, Philosopher King’s Jarvis Church, MonkeyJunk’s Steve Marriner, and Juno-nominated Petr Cancura.

The Commotions originally united to prived a Canadian contingent to Funk Brother’s (Motown Records) lead vocalist Delbert Nelson as “Delbert & The Commotions”. The band’s Musical Director Brian Asselin honed his skills performing with acts such as The Funk Brothers, and his original music has been featured on HBO’s “Looking” and ABC’s “The Fosters” in the U.S.

Volume II is available now.