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K-Cinema promotes Korean culture through film

WHAT: Free online screening of The Book of Fish
WHEN: From Wednesday, August 24 to Tuesday, August 30, 2022
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Each month, the Korean Cultural Centre Canada (KCC) showcases the incredible talents of Korean cinema to all residents in Canada free of charge via its K-Cinema program. This month, the KCC is hosting an online screening of the 2021 film by Joon-Ik Lee, The Book of Fish.

The film is centred around Korean scholar Yak-Jeon Chung (Kyung-Gu Sol), who is exiled to the island of Heuk-San. Tired of political disputes that landed him his exile, Chung is intrigued by the ocean around him. He meets Chang-Dae (Yo-Han Byun), a young fisherman, an admirer of Confucianism who has visions of a better future.

With the help of his new young friend, Chung learns about the creatures of the sea, including shellfish, marine plants, and fish, and sets out to write a book.

The Book of Fish is director Lee’s fourth historical film since the release of his 2003 hit Once Upon A Time in the Battlefield and his second black-and-white work after Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet.

The film is based on the Joseon-era of 1801, a time of social and political chaos, and merges historical facts with fiction. Chung is a fictional historical figure who “did not have a great accomplishment like a hero, but did meaningful work.” Lee uses the character to re-examine Korean history.

The stunning scenery is captured beautifully, and the black-and-white helps make the friendship between the scholar and the fisherman all the more charming.

To date, the film has won more than 20 awards, including the Grand Prize at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards and the Best Director at the 30th Buil Film Awards.

More information about the screenings can be found at the KCC website: http://canada.korean-culture.org.

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