• By: OLM Staff

Keep black hair looking shiny and vivid

Black hair often makes for a mysterious and sexy look. It's a colour that offers some real edge. With frequent washing, the brilliance of freshly dyed black hair can quickly fade away. Dark hues may turn brighter and some of the shine may be lost. Read on to discover the best tricks to keep black hair looking vibrant for longer.

Know how to dye hair black

You may think dyeing hair black is easy, but besides choosing the right dye, there are a few important basics to learn before applying a permanent color yourself. One of the most important things to consider when dyeing your hair is its condition. Make sure your hair is healthy before treating it chemically. If you have split ends, a trip to the salon for a haircut may be worth it. For more tips and tricks to dye hair black check out this post.

Wash your hair less frequently
Successfully coloured your hair? Experts recommend to avoid washing your freshly colored hair for at least 72 hours after colouring. That's because the dye can seep back out of the hair cuticle and your colour may fade faster. It takes a little while for the colour to settle in the hair. To avoid loss of natural oils, you shouldn't wash your hair daily. That way, you'll keep a healthy-looking mane for longer.

Avoid heat

Straighteners and curling irons can leave hair looking flat and dry. That's because heat treatment removes the surface moisture of hair. Cuticles quickly dry out and become brittle. If you can't live without blow drying and straightening your hair, you can avoid heat damage by applying special heat protection sprays. Extreme changes in temperature from the warm indoors to freezing temperatures outdoors during the winter months can further stress damaged hair. It's a good idea to practice extra care to keep hair looking shiny during the cold season.

Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner

Coloured hair looks best when it is treated with the right products, especially formulated to maintain colour and shine. Luckily, there are plenty of shampoos and conditioners available in-store for colour-treated hair. These tend to revive shine and replenish your shade. Once a week, treat your mane to a nourishing mask to restore lost moisture. Naturally, curly hair may require some extra love. You can follow these simple steps to maintain luscious curls.

Photo: Ospan Ali, Unsplash