Kenny G. Comes to the NAC

Photo courtesy of the National Arts Centre

There are many things I could tell you about myself that might surprise you or you may find ‘uncool’. For instance, I know a lot about The Young and The Restless (I have been checking in on the happenings of Genoa City for years); also, while I don’t have a Star Wars costume, I do a pretty mean Chewbacca impression. Oh and lastly, but certainly not least, I’m a Kenny G fan!

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick got his start playing with Barry White’s ‘The Love Unlimited Orchestra’ in 1973, when he was still in high school.  In 1982, he signed his first major record deal. His first three albums did well, but it was his fourth album ‘Duotones’ that really put him on the map. With songs like ‘Don’t Make Me Wait for Love’ and (one of my favourites) ‘Songbird’, the album went on to sell over five million copies in the US alone.

I remember listening to Kenny G. as I would go to sleep, as I found his saxophone playing very relaxing. Some people take a hot drink before bed, some meditate, and I would listen to Kenny G! I sure hope I don’t fall asleep, out of habit, when I see him perform Tuesday night at the National Arts Centre. Mr. G. brings his ‘The Miracles Holiday and Hits Tour’ to Ottawa and I am looking forward to it. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to recognize that he is an icon. He is the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era-and one of the top selling artists of all time! He has outsold artists such as Usher, Tupac, KISS and The Police, to name a few. This is quite interesting when you consider, as I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t always ‘cool’ growing up, to admit you like Kenny G. Kenny G. reminds me of Canadian artists Nickleback in the way that, while people may not be quick to admit they like them, they constantly sell out arenas and have great record sales.

I’m not the only fan of Kenny G.  as the artists he has collaborated with is a ‘who’s who’ of the industry…Gladys Knight, Earth Wind and Fire, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Chaka Khan, Babyface, Toni Braxton, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, to name a few.

What I recently learned and found extremely impressive was his impact in China. His hit ‘Going Home’ is played through a  number of businesses in China (including food markets, health clubs, malls, train stations) as a way of alerting people closing time is near. Many tv stations in China even use the song at the broadcast.

You also have to respect the fact that Kenny G. can make fun of himself, as was seen earlier this year in the movie ‘ A Bad Moms Christmas’, where he had a cameo.

Kenny G. is a Grammy Award musician with a tremendous following and he is coming to Ottawa Tuesday night for a performance at the NAC…how cool is that!