• By: OLM Staff

Koyman Galleries: A Picture is Worth 13,000 Square Feet

Think of art galleries in Ottawa and chances are the image of a massive, 13,000 square foot space filled with paintings and photographs from more than 200 Canadian artists probably doesn’t spring to mind. But head to St. Laurent Blvd. and there, at Koyman Galleries, is exactly what you will find.

The neutral setting of the gallery, (Koyman Galleries is entering its 3rd year at the St. Laurent location) truly gives each piece of art the attention it deserves. “The space is set up to be very simple, clean and the décor is very low key so that nothing takes away from the art.”

The previous mall locations did not offer the freedom to explore and browse. The New York City loft style of the current location lets the customer step back and enjoy each piece, with soft music adding to the comfortable ambiance.

Koyman Galleries has been around for nearly half a century in the Capital and its repertoire of represented artists has grown significantly but its passion for Canadian artremains unchanged. “We have a great appreciation for art in general,” said Robert Koyman, a Gallery directors. “We really like to support Canadian artists.”

The selection includes works by contemporary artists from around the country as well as classical Canadian pieces, obtained from private collec- tions. The Estate Collection includes paintings by such artists as the late Henri Masson, a former Ottawa resident, whose whimsical works can be seen at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa.

“I always look at choice of art as very personal,” Robert Koyman says, adding “it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.” But for those who want a professional opinion before diving into a purchase, Koyman Galleries offers art consultations with professional designers to add fitting décor to homes, corporate offices, hotels or restaurants.

According to Robert Koyman, in the case of office spaces, the addition of appropriate art to the oftentimes uninspired and bland environment of greyness seems to increase morale. This, he explained, is the very same reason that cubicle dwellers personalize their desks with personal mementos or inspirational posters.

In addition to beautifying offices in the capital region, Koyman Galleries has livened up the walls of hotels and restaurants around the city. From helping to choose the perfect piece of art to framing and installing it, Koyman Galleries offers a wide spectrum of services.

In 2011, Koyman Galleries will expand even further to include more pieces in the Estate collection and open its doors to the public at vernissages. In addition, it will welcome budding artists from an Ottawa elementary school to display their own works of art and hold a professional exhibition.

Visit www.koymangalleries.com, for more information.