• By: OLM Staff

Koyman Galleries: Shades of the Season

As the cold sets in and we brace ourselves for winter’s chill, Koyman Galleries hopes to keep the beauty of autumn going a little longer with its latest exhibit.

Reflecting the array of bright colours that covered the streets, Katerina Mertikas’ art uses bright colours to wash away the gloom of rainy, snowy days. “I love vivid colours. I love the feeling the painting creates within me-especially when depicting children in all their joys and excitement,”

Niko then adds to the mosaic with her abstract paintings that are “alive with energy.” Ed Ambrose complements the collection with his strong, vibrant mixed media works, while Maya Eventov, after being inspired by a Fabergé egg, developed a unique technique of etching on oil, bringing her pieces to life with deep colour and texture.

Completing the fall exhibition are artists Ken Vincent, whose horizons take the viewer on an unexpected journey into the horizon, and Jordan Hicks, whose work bridges the gap between impressionism and realism. The sextet of artists satiate the tastes of everyone from abstract art gourmands to those who simply have a craving for a touch of whimsy.

See these artists at Koyman Galleries, celebrating 40 years in the Capital.



Born into an artistic family it was inevitable that Nicole Mathieu (Niko) would become an artist. She worked in the fashion industry before returning to her native Montreal and focusing on her art. She attended “La Renaissance” School of Fine Art and the well known Saidye Bronfman Centre, as well as studying with artists, Carl Dubreuil and Nicole Bolduc.Spontaneity is extremely important in her paintings. Niko starts with an abstracted background and allows these forms to direct the placement of each of her figures in her paintings. She paints sensual, powerful, and very expressive faces. She has a love of bright and rich colours which she applies liberally, creating a piece that is alive with energy.

Ed Ambrose

Born in Prague in the Czech Republic, Ed Ambrose studied Fine Arts and Drama at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava, receiving a Master of Arts in both disciplines. Ed has taught students from the primary to University level. He continues to be fascinated by themes of space and science fiction. He was the matte artist for UFO Kidnapped, an animated movie produced by CJOH Television and awarded first prize for a fiction picture at Comecon Science Fiction Exhibition. He has also designed numerous advertisements for space and high tech companies. Ed has also created numerous works hotels and embassies. Over 8000 pieces of his work have been sold in Ontario alone.

Maya Eventov

At a very young age Maya Eventov’s parents introduced her to the great artistic treasures of her native St. Petersburg. She spent countless hours at the magnificent Hermitage Museum studying the works of great masters. After excelling in art as a child, Maya was accepted at a prestigious art school affiliated with the St. Petersburg State Academy of Industrial and Applied Art. After graduating with a Masters degree in graphic art she illustrated children’s books. She also worked on murals for concert halls in her homeland before immigrating to Canada in 1990. Her style has evolved during her life in Canada. She loves the rich, bold and bright colors of the Mediterranean and often portrays scenes from her travels in her paintings.

Jordan Hicks

This self-taught Kingston native received a Graphic Design Diploma in 1992 and soon after began exhibiting his works. Jordan has worked in a variety of media and his portfolio is a mixture of styles ranging from realism to impressionism to conceptual work and contemporary abstracts. Jordan is a prolific painter who has sold over 600 pieces to collectors across Canada as well as the United States, South America, and the United Kingdom. He exhibits in a number of galleries across Ontario.

Katerina Mertikas

Also a self-taught artist, Katerina was born in Tripoli, Greece. Her two daughters were the original inspiration for her work, and now she happily depicts her two grandsons. She had her first exhibit in 1989 and has been showing her work ever since. Painting spontaneously, in bright, bold acrylic paint, she captures her feeling and memories. Her paintings are mainly of children having fun, playing games and participating in sports. Katerina classifies her own work as naïve expressionism. Her paintings have been selected by UNICEF and the Canadian Lung Association for cards, stamps and calendars to help raise funds for their charities. She has also been honoured with a “Women of Distinction” award in the arts category in 1999.

Ken Vincent

After receiving a degree in Cultural Anthropology from North Carolina State University, Ken studied flute under the tutelage of Harold Bennett of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City. In 1977, he was admitted to the Association des Travailleurs Intellectuels by the Commission de la Professionalite in Paris, France. Since 1971, Ken has painted both experimentally and commercially. He has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in both Europe and North America. His paintings can be found in a number of public collections in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Canada and his native United States.