KPax – Going the Extra Mile

Paul Krakowiak started working with audio and video equipment when he was just 15 years old. When asked to do the wiring for a local disco club, he decided to become a DJ and audio became his lifelong pursuit and passion.

Upon his arrival to Canada, he became fascinated by the variety of modern audio-visual technology available here.  It was here he discovered his affinity for video. The local tech company that he founded, KPax AV, has now been in business for over 25 years.

For Paul, the best part about being an entrepreneur and starting KPax is getting to be his own boss, allowing him to communicate directly with clients and letting him offer them assistance at any time so that they feel valued.

“They aren’t calling a hotline or visiting an FAQ page to solve their problems,” he says. “To me, offering fast, attentive and quality service is of the utmost importance as the happiness of our clients depends on what we are able to do for them.”

According to Paul, these are the things that make his business stand out. It is for this reason that he started KPax.

What makes KPax unique is that they go the extra mile to satisfy their clients. The job is always done right the first time, proven by their 100% client satisfaction rate. They strive to make your life easier in any way they can, eliminating the hassle of tech set-up by making any equipment tutorials or trouble shooting available at any time of day in order to give clients the most stress free installation and service.

His small but knowledgeable team, usually consisting of himself and his assistant, is characterized by a passion for audio video, as well as the precision and cleanliness of their work. When contacted by a client, KPax arranges a convenient time for a complimentary assessment to offer advice and figure out what service is needed. A quote is given at the end of visit before setting up a date and time for KPax to help them achieve their audio video dreams.

One remarkable part of KPax’s services is that their work accounts for potential background noise and glare, so that the picture and sound won’t be washed out by ambient lighting or noisy neighbours.

“Alleviating these things is important to KPax because we want you to enjoy your audio visual experience without interruptions and with the most quality,” says Paul. 

The company also offers care services specifically for seniors, providing training to help them better understand modern technology such as computers, remote controls, televisions, tablets, smart phones and online services to connect with the people who are most important in their lives. “Lack of technological knowledge can feel isolating when with your loved ones, and one of KPax’s goals is to bring people together using the joy of audio and visuals,” he says.

Paul is most proud when his company does “such a good job that a client wants us to come back to improve their lives even more.” In the future, he hopes to continue expanding their network of satisfied and returning clients.

Find KPax on Facebook at KPax AV – Design, Installation & Setup and on Instagram at @KPaxaudio.