Arts & EventsLast Chance to Catch “Fall on Your Knees”

Last Chance to Catch “Fall on Your Knees”

Last Chance to Catch “Fall on Your Knees”

ABOVE:  Eva Foote and Drew Moore in Fall on Yours Knees.(Photo by John Lauener)

It took ten years to bring Fall on Your Knees to the stage. It was worth the effort and is a great lesson in perseverance.

Based on the novel by Ann-Marie MacDonald, you know going in you are in for a treat. The novel is riveting, and when it was published in 2002, it won award after award and even got a nod from Oprah’s Book Club.

But the play requires a commitment. Truth be told, turning it into an epic six-hour production over two nights seemed like a daunting theatrical endeavour and a bit of a risk. It was worth it. You can catch Part 1 tonight and Part 2 tomorrow before Fall on Your Knees at the National Arts Centre before it heads out of town.

The first night introduces you to many segments of the story and is, in fact, necessary, but it is really the second night that shines. The plot fully develops, and everything comes together. That is not to say the first night is disappointing by any stretch, but it is the second night that pulls the audience in fully and will bring you to your feet at the end.

Not wanting to spoil the plot, I will say it moves at a dizzying speed and jumps from time period to time period beautifully, but all in the first half of the 20th century. Be forewarned though, it might trigger some people as there is some heavy adult themes that include incest, sexual violence and violence.

Music in the first night is peppered throughout but takes on a whole other level in the second night and is supremely satisfying. The recurring use of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is hauntingly beautiful.

In both nights, the acting and singing talent are superb.

Deborah Hay (Frances Piper) shines in every scene she is in. Samantha Hill (Kathleen Piper) is glorious, especially in Part II. Her voice and Janelle Cooper’s voice in Part II will lift you so high you will be looking down on heaven.

Tim Campbell’s incredible acting brilliantly portrays the complicated, tortured character, James Piper. That is just mentioning a few actors, but all of them, without exception are phenomenal.

The set and costumes are grand as well, but that is to be expected for a production of this calibre.

If you can grab tickets, see this one. It is worth the two-night commitment. 

Click here for a link to tickets

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