Lean Green Fighting Machines

You may already recognize the name Tomlinson, a brand known locally for their construction, transportation, and waste recovery work. However, you’ll probably start hearing the name around town even more now that the company was recently recognized for superior efforts in clean technology.

Lystek International, a company within the Tomlinson Group specializing in Thermal Hydrolysis solutions and the sustainable management of biosolids and organics, has been commended nationally in both Canada and the United States for market-leading cleantech solutions in processing biosolids.

Biosolids, though no one wants to talk about them, are a fact of life for every municipality. Lystek features advanced biosolids processing methods for both municipal wastewater treatment plants and other organic waste whether industrial, commercial or agricultural.

What makes their technology different? The ability for their process to complete a natural food cycle by making high-quality by products like energy and fertilizer. Biosolids are treated to kill pathogens and increase the value of the fertilizer, then brought to farms in order to lower input costs and deliver results. A multitasking product, you can use it for sod farming, soil remediation, horticulture and golf courses. The list goes on!

The company and its innovative technology was named by Company of the Year in the Project/Technology – Wastewater category at this year’s Water’s Next Awards, the only national program that celebrates leadership within the entire water sector.

“Lystek’s innovative technology transforms by-products from wastewater treatment into higher use products, including energy, turning a problem into a resource,” states Katherine Balpataky, Editor of Water Canada as well as Program Chair of the Water’s Next Awards. “Lystek is a leader in the journey towards a circular economy, and we are proud to honor their accomplishments in exemplary customer service through our awards program.”

This year, they also received a Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) in the category of Sustainable Practices, Communities or Facilities. Presented by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), it’s California’s highest environmental honor given to individuals, organizations and businesses that show leadership that goes above and beyond and who have taken notable action to conserve California’s resources, protect their environment, build partnerships and strengthen the local economy.

“This year’s GEELA recipients demonstrated exceptional leadership in addressing some of our most significant environmental challenges,” stated Matthew Rodriquez, California Secretary for Environmental Protection. “Whether fighting climate change, conserving water supplies or reducing waste, they inspire us with their creative and collaborative approaches. Their success expands our view of what is possible. Collectively, they are proving that a healthy environment is inextricably linked with a vibrant economy."

“As global populations continue to rise, we are compelled to better understand the fragility and limits of our natural resources,” said Kurt Meyer, President of Lystek. “This, in turn, leads to an increased level of awareness and interest in how we can leverage advanced science and technology to unlock the inherent value in organic “waste”. This has led to a bright future for Lystek as we continue to expand and provide communities with practical and proven solutions for real-world problems.”