Legal betting website: 5 ways to spot a fraudulent online bookie

Sports betting has brought a lot of money-making opportunities since its evolution. This is because it covers multiple sporting events that happen all-year-round. Whether it's football, baseball, golf, or horse racing, betting takes place and brings enormous prizes. It is why many punters are continuously mastering the art of sports betting to win consistently.

As the sports betting market continues to grow these days, it has dominated the internet world. In fact, there are betting apps that you can download with just a tap on your mobile to gamble on any sports you like. Aside from that, these online sportsbooks cover big sporting events, which can boost your bankroll tremendously in the most convenient way.

While this is true, it can't be denied that there are bookies that might take advantage of every bettor. They manipulate the site, making them illegal as well as offering scam sports betting activities. To get rid of opening risky online sports betting accounts to bet on Preakness online and other sports, here are some fraudulent activities to spot first.

Promotions And Bonus Abuse

Like any other type of business, online sportsbooks make sure that they attract as many customers as possible. They do this by offering promotions and bonuses, which will entice every bettor right away. Some of the common promotions offered are referral bonuses, first-time users, frequent player bonuses, or even giveaways for comeback players.

While bonuses and promotions are good ways to boost your earnings, these are prone to abuse. Some illegal bookies offer huge bonuses when you register for them, and when you gamble and win, there are no clear instructions on how to claim them. It may come worse if the site keeps crashing after you deposited an amount.

No Posted License

In the United States, almost 75% of the country has legalized sports betting. With this, many online bookies have made betting sites that help gamblers bet for their favorite sports conveniently. Like an ordinary business, they should have a valid license to operate and must comply with the rules bounded by these permits.

Before signing up for a sports betting website, make sure to navigate and find the section that states the license. Do know that this is your only way of considering whether a bookie is legit or not.

This section should not be hard to find. When you come across an online bookie that doesn't have any license, it might be fraud, so stay away from it.

Book-to Book Transfer Inability And Credit Card Fraud

A book-to-book transfer is a feature that a legal online bookie has, allowing users to transfer funds from one sportsbook to another. When a bookie does not have this, it's not a good sign to register to them. On the other hand, if this feature is enabled yet frequently shuts off when doing a transfer, these bookies might be fraudulent.

Moreover, some bookies need you to register your credit card account before you can play with no other form of payments available. Some of them will not charge your bank account if you don't gamble yet. This is a very shady activity, and you might notice that there are small amounts of deduction, which should not happen as promised.

No Customer Service And Help Centers Available

A legit online sportsbook not only displays practical odds value and bonuses but provides a line to answer customer queries. It may either be reached via phone call or email support. Also, these customer services are reachable 24/7. They must answer all your questions correctly and help you navigate the site if you need assistance.

When a site doesn't offer a reachable customer service line, avoid them right away. It is because you might find nowhere in case there are problems you encounter during your betting game. Apart from that, it's risky to register a bookie with unreachable customer service because they might take an amount in your bank account without your knowledge.

Too Long Verification Process And Delayed Payouts

A trusted online bookie must ask your personal information to record your profile. The process is easy and must be done in a few minutes. However, if you come across a sportsbook that lets you verify your information often and does not approve your registration right away, although you submitted the right data, they might be fraudulent.

Furthermore, when bookies do not give you a real-time payout, then they are also not a good site to join. Payouts must come in different forms of payments and can be accessed in the nearest bank found within your area.


Successful bettors do not only spend time honing their skills but are keen on opening legit online sports betting accounts. When you get a chance to wager your favorite sporting events online, make sure to scrutinize the site thoroughly and spot the things mentioned above to avoid losing your money.