Let’s not rinse and repeat: The city needs new leadership.

It’s been almost a month since the occupation started, but it’s only been a few days since the police finally moved in. While I understand that Ottawa has a lack of officers, and they didn’t want the situation to escalate, to me, it’s a cop-out.

No pun intended.

As a resident of Centretown, a person with a physical disability, and relies on others to help me round-the-clock, I feel our police and mayor failed many, including those with disabilities. Having access to proper transportation is vital, not only to PWD but also for their PSW, nurses, and other caregivers. In some cases, if their caregivers can’t get through, the results could be tragic.

Over the past few days, most of my caregivers were delayed due to difficulties with getting through the checkpoints set up by police and traffic-related to it. Fortunately, all did and continue to arrive.

Outside of a few mentions in passing, I’ve heard very little talk in the media about PWD and how the occupation has affected them.

Waking up last Friday and seeing police move-in was almost like waking up on Christmas Day when I was a kid. There was even snow to boot. I felt like I was watching history in the making.

In my mind, I did have a question, and I still do.

It seemed a little too fitting that the significant Police action started around 11:30 am, shortly before the noon hour news at a time where there’d be tons of people tuned in from wherever they may be. I was watching CTV at the time.

They were getting some pretty good camera shots throughout their coverage, along with the occasional interview, with protesters yelling, etc.

Call me a skeptic, but what happened on early Friday afternoon felt a bit like the Police were almost performing for the media in a way. Of course, protesters were doing the same, but that didn’t surprise me.

Maybe it’s just me, but that was my impression. At least as far as Friday early afternoon went. I stopped watching shortly after two pm.

I was very relieved knowing that the main organizers were arrested.

While on the one hand, I’m glad that the police are finally doing their job, I can’t help but feel anxious.

To me, it’s not over, and it won’t be for a while.

On the surface, things will return to a particular type of normal. We’ll be able to go shop, work, play, and walk or roll around freely.

What about next time though?

I do believe that the truckers will return. If not them, it’ll be other groups demanding change or even just upset.

The world has now seen how unprepared Ottawa is for protests and large gatherings. I’m willing to bet that other groups and movements are watching this, and hoping to do something similar. If that were to happen, what will Ottawa do?

For one thing, hopefully, we’ll have a better mayor by the time another occupation takes place.

A mayor who does more than just sit at home.

What about our police, though?

I often hear about people wanting the city to decrease police funding.

My question to them is, do they still feel the same way after hearing that the police didn’t have enough resources?

I genuinely want to know their opinions.

Please reach out to me on social media if you still believe the Ottawa Police should be defunded.

In another sign of things possibly returning to normal in Centretown, I’ve been seeing and hearing more Para Transpo vehicles outside my windows. It’s not a happy, joyful sound, but it does give me hope that better days are ahead.

Hang in there, Centretown! We’re almost there.