Letting The Good Times Roll—Unlike Our LRT!

Before I roll deeply into this week’s article, I want to point out that I’m aware of what’s going on with the LRT being down again and how it continues to affect people with disabilities and Para Transpo users.

Those who follow me on social media probably know I’ve posted what’s going on with the LRT being down and its impact on people with disabilities and Para Transpo users.

I’m not trying to avoid or ignore this issue, but at this point, I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall or yelling at clouds.

Take your pick.

Anyways, with all that chaos going on here and in the world, I wanted to share more places that I’ve rolled into recently that are wheelchair accessible.

Summer’s a great time to explore new places and rediscover old ones.

The first stop is one of my favourite places to go on Sunday mornings during the summer. Some of you have heard me talk about the Elgin Street Market.

Yes, they’re back for another season, and I am thrilled. Yesterday, a friend and I stopped by the market.

The market’s open every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. until October 29th, located at Boushey Square. For more information, visit www.elginstreetmarket.ca.

While we were there, we heard a great guitarist named Jason Kokkovas. You can check out his music on YouTube and Spotify.

As I browsed around, a vendor displaying stuffies caught my eye. So, I stopped by Stuffies By Steph. As you can see from the photo below, she had plenty to choose from, and they’re all handmade. She also does commissions.

As a Spirited Away fan, I bought one of the Scootspries, which came with a bit of Konpeito. You can find Stuffies By Steph on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or at www.stuffiesbysteph.com.

Now, the Elgin Street Market rotates some of their vendors and musicians. So, there’s always something new to see, buy, and listen to. The key thing to remember is they’re all local, and supporting local artists is important when possible.

Last week, a friend told me about a coffee shop which opened up on Elgin Street called Euro Bistro. Best of all, it’s wheelchair accessible. By the looks of it, the bathroom’s also wheelchair accessible.

I decided to roll in to grab a coffee. Besides coffee, they also have gelato, muffins, chocolate croissants, and more.

Euro Bistro is located at 274 Elgin Street, or you can find them online at www.eurobistro.ca. I plan to return soon to try out some of their other coffees.

The summer’s great for checking out new places and events. They’re even better when you don’t have to rely on public transportation. I’m grateful that I live in Centretown; it seems every weekend is full of events.

Speaking of events, the Ottawa International Busker Festival takes place from August 4th to August 7th on Sparks Street. This year marks its 30th anniversary of the festival, which runs for four days and on four stages. There will be over 20 performers from around the world.

Performances include jugglers, magicians, acrobats, comedians, and more. It’s fun for all ages; I’ve gone several times over the years and always enjoyed it.

Click here for more information on the Ottawa International Busker Festival.

I hope to see some of you there and around town as summer rolls on.

Photos: Ryan Lythall