• By: Keith Whittier

Levi Hart Kicks Off ‘My Kind of Night’

‘THAT is My Kind of Night!’ are the words roaring from radios across Canada, since Levi Hart released his new country hit on September 25.

Recorded in June in Nashville, Tennessee, Hart’s new hit ‘My Kind of Night’ has made great headway, quickly landing airplay on international radio broadcasting networks, and has been well received by fans nationwide.

Native to Ottawa, Levi Hart attributes his recent success to making new choices within his day-to-day actions – living clean and sober, while focusing on balancing the mind, soul and body. Transforming fear into miracles and maintaining faith are the underlying themes of Hart’s upcoming album Believe.

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“I believe that I am here because I live a better life. I want the listeners to know this, and my only hope is that my fans can continue to relate,” Hart says.

The summer Believe Ontario tour was a success for Levi Hart. The album though, requires a few more studio hours and a couple more dollars yet. Hart is more than willing to give the time it needs, and is currently trusting that his current ‘Go fund me’ project will provide the funding he needs to finish the album.

To thank the community for their support, Hart has agreed to donate 50 per cent of all Believe profits to The Ottawa Salvation Army, as a token of appreciation for the help they have provided to him and the community.

On October 20, 2015, you can watch Levi Hart be interviewed on Rogers Television. The full album will be released early 2016.

Experience ‘My Kind of Night’ at levihart.com.