• By: Chloë Hayes

Life Is Not Perfect but Eden Eyebrows & Beauty Bar Will Make Sure your Brows Are!

ABOVE: Chantal Bergeron, Eden Eyebrows & Beauty Bar owner in old Hull.

The word Eden implies perfection and paradise, precisely what Chantal Bergeron of Eden Eyebrows & Beauty Bar strives to achieve for every customer who walks through her door.

Eden is a cheerful and colourful environment for top-notch beauty services, and the vibrant decor attracts new customers passing by the salon on Rue Laval in Gatineau.

An eyebrow specialist for 10+ years, Bergeron loves tending to people’s brows. She started as an esthetician, and about three years in discovered her unique hidden talent and obsession with shaping and correcting eyebrows. 

Fascinated by the power of eyebrows to transform one's appearance, Bergeron branched out and specialized in them completely. Initially, the idea was daunting since eyebrows are typically a short service, and many clients are needed to fill the day's schedule, but Bergeron knew she had to make the bold move. She was 28 when she left her esthetician job to make a go of it on her own, renting a small room in an existing business where she provided eyebrow services. 

Bergeron believes eyebrow architecture is a specialized art: meticulous, attentive, and personalized. With expertise in reconstruction, structure, correction, and shaping, she aims to create the perfect eyebrow shape without altering its authenticity, resulting in a refined look enhancing natural beauty. “My definition of a brow artist is someone who improves the present shape and appearance of your eyebrows so they flatter your face rather than following fashion trends.” 

In 2018, Bergeron knew she had to dream bigger. “I had to set myself apart from the others,” she said, describing her decision to open her own storefront. Along with a colleague she trained, the duo exclusively shaped, maintained, and tinted eyebrows for four years until a demand for more services inspired them to branch out.

During the pandemic, Bergeron heard through the grapevine that a retail space was available in old Hull, which turned out to be the perfect fit. The space at 43 Rue Laval in Gatineau afforded Bergeron an opportunity to create her dream business: Eden Eyebrows & Beauty Bar.

Bergeron still specializes in eyebrows, but the expanded team at Eden Eyebrows & Beauty Bar, which recently celebrated its first anniversary, offers a well-rounded list of services, including lash extensions, lash lifts, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and facials.

Bergeron is especially proud of the whimsical environment she has created. “I see it as a beauty bar, not just a spa. I would rather it be a cool, welcoming environment where my guests can have fun,” she said. The space combines secluded, tranquil areas for facials and waxing, upbeat, comfortable places for mani and pedi parties, eyebrow services, and more. Every room is beautifully decorated with impressive attention to detail.

A strong relationship with clients is a big part of Eden's success. The combination of reliability, professionalism, and the unique environment quickly converts first-time customers into regulars. Bergeron continues to service her first clients who regularly visit to receive the same exceptional service they have come to count on.

Eden has branched out and is now offering an online boutique where customers can purchase eyebrow pencils, eyebrow soaps, serums, eyebrow scissors, makeup bags, décor, and more.

Visit www.edeneyebrows.ca to check it out or to book an appointment at Eden Eyebrows & Beauty Bar!

Find Eden Eyebrows & Beauty Bar on Instagram at edenbarbeaute.

Photos: Chloe Hayes