• By: OLM Staff

Limited-edition signed print in support of Canadian news media

PRICE: $125   AVAILABLE AT: Nationalnewspaperweek.ca

To celebrate local Canadian news media and spark conversation about the essential service the news industry provides, News Media Canada partnered with renowned Canadian artist Ola Volo to create a custom piece of art titled ‘Champions’, available as an exclusive, limited-edition signed print.

The “Champions” artwork showcases three stoic, trailblazing characters representing journalists and readers, as well as multiple landmarks from across the country to celebrate the diversity of people, places, and perspectives in Canada. This art highlights the critical role that newspapers play as champions of truth and the importance of independent Canadian news media.

This limited-edition, signed print can be purchased at nationalnewspaperweek.ca, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.