• By: OLM Staff

Living Green Ribbon Campaign at this year’s Super Ex was a big hit

The Super Ex was once again home to Organ Donor Awareness Day on August 23rd this year. Trillium Gift of Life Network, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, The Canadian Liver Foundation, CNIB and Canadian Blood Service came together with the Super Ex to form their annual Living Green Ribbon to raise awareness on organ and tissue donation—a cause to which President of the Super Ex, Lyn Presley, holds very near to her heart. Her husband and former Super Ex-President David Presley was on his deathbed in the fall of 2002 when he suffered from a life-threatening kidney failure. If it weren’t for the generous donation of a working kidney, David wouldn’t be with us right now.

Truth of the matter is, only 17% of those eligible for donation have registered their consent to be donors. Each year, thousands of Ontarians are given a second chance to live by receiving the gift of life—but 17% isn’t enough to fulfill the demand. The waiting list is long, and many lives are lost because suitable donors aren’t found in time.

One organ and tissue donor can save up to eight lives and enhance as many as 75 more. The scope of your decision to donate or not is immense. Even if you have already signed your donor card, it’s important to register your decision online so that your information is readily available when it’s needed. It’s also important to make your wishes known to your family—discuss your decision with them and relieve your loved ones of the burden to decide whether to donate on your behalf.

The green ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol of organ and tissue donation. The giant “Living Green Ribbon” formed at this year’s Super Ex is a tradition that has been followed since 2002, and is an annual photo shoot where people come together and support the important cause.