• By: Tori McNeely

Local female-fronted startup ZAYLIA celebrates Canadian makers

Since opening in July, Ottawa startup ZAYLIA has been inspiring Canadians to shop locally. Together, Melissa Meier, Shanna Lacroix and Justine Dennis launched their online store as a way to celebrate all the great things Canadian women have to offer. ZAYLIA hopes to help promote equality for women in business all the while supplying a whole lot of must-have merchandise!

This female-fronted online shop specializes in selling products created exclusively by women entrepreneurs in Canada. They offer an assortment of affordable, trendy and all-natural products including home decor, stationary, jewelry, baby accessories, fashion accessories, all-natural beauty products and more! Their collection is ever-growing with a range of quality products from coast to coast with hopes to expand into kitchen, entertainment and seasonal categories.

“We began ZAYLIA with the dream of running a small business that would showcase the talent of the amazing women in Canada. As big proponents of shopping local and supporting the Canadian economy ourselves, we want to promote Canadian makers and the growth of their businesses,” says founding partner Melissa Meier. “We love being part of a community of Canadians who follow their dreams and we want to encourage other women to do the same.”

According to the three founders, honesty is the best policy. This approach reaches all corners of their business, from the products they sell to the service they provide. When browsing their shop, customers can feel confident knowing who created the product they purchased, what’s in it and where it comes from.

ZAYLIA is committed to creating a small environmental footprint. They do so through numerous initiatives including recycled and recyclable packaging for their products and relying on makers with the same mindset. They look for vendors who sell all-natural products, are environmentally conscious and do not test on animals. Not only does ZAYLIA care about the environment, but they are also proud to give back to the community.

“At the end of every year we will donate a portion of our sales to a Canadian charity,” says Justine Dennis. “Our focus is on charities that build esteem and provide people with the tools to grow, self-develop, and succeed.”

ZAYLIA is the result of three women determined to share their passion for small business, art, and all things created locally. To learn more about ZAYLIA visit their online shop here!