• By: Kat Walcott

Local skater talks returning to the ice for Disney On Ice presents Mickey and Friends!

We are all excited for the return of in-person, live performances here in Ottawa. What better way to kick things off and put a smile on your face than with some wholesome Disney magic?

After three years, the ever-popular Disney On Ice returns to the Canadian Tire Centre on Thursday, March 3rd, for a four-day run of its newest show, Disney On Ice presents Mickey and Friends! The show features all your fave Disney characters, both contemporary and classic, as they help Mickey find his favourite memory.

Mickey and Friends is the first live event at the Canadian Tire Centre, besides Senators’ games, since lockdown and will be open to full capacity.

We caught up with local skater and Disney On Ice performer Chelsea Crozman about returning to the ice, how she got involved in Disney On Ice, what to expect from Mickey and Friends, and much more!

Ottawa Life: How did you get started in ice skating and involved with Disney On Ice specifically?

Chelsea Crozman: I started skating at around six years old when my parents put me into a learn-to-skate program in Ottawa because, as they said, “You live in Canada, you need to know how to skate.” I fell in love with the sport almost instantly and competed in singles skating and ice dance for many years throughout my childhood and teenage years, but what I really loved was the performance side of figure skating. I remember being inspired by Disney On Ice shows as a child. When it came time to decide what I wanted to do as a career, I decided to pursue my dream of joining Disney On Ice and hopefully pass on the inspiration that I felt to future generations. I put together an audition video, went for a live audition, and now here I am!

Ottawa Life: How exciting is it to be back on the ice in front of a live audience again after all this time?

Chelsea Crozman: It is so wonderful to be performing for live audiences once again. I know that the audiences have missed coming to our shows just as much as I’ve missed performing, and I love feeling the newfound excitement and energy that radiates from every single person in the audience. I feel like I can take in all that energy and really absorb it and use it to put on the most magical performances that I can.

Ottawa Life: What's your favourite part about being part of the Disney On Ice family?

Chelsea Crozman: My favourite part of being a part of the Disney On Ice family is that I get to combine my passion for figure skating and performing with my love of travel. Seeing the world is so exciting, and the fact that I get to share my experiences with so many supportive and like-minded people makes it even more rewarding.

Ottawa Life: Opening night here in Ottawa is just a few days away! What can audiences expect?       

Chelsea Crozman: In our show, Disney On Ice presents Mickey and Friends, you’ll get to follow along with us as we help Mickey find his favourite memory. There’s really something for everyone as we visit classic characters such as Sorcerer Mickey and the brooms he brings to life, Woody and the Toy Story gang, and the Disney Princesses, as well as newer characters like the Emotions from Inside Out and Dory and her family. Audiences will love to dance and sing along to their favourite songs from a variety of stories, including Frozen and Moana. Not only can the audience expect to see some amazing skating skills, but our show also features dazzling special effects and aerial acrobatics. I am so happy to be portraying the role of Ariel in our Princess Power segment, where I get to perform on the Spanish web apparatus, performing acrobatic tricks and spins. The show is dynamic and exciting, and I’m so excited to be able to share it with audiences in my hometown!

Disney On Ice presents Mickey and Friends runs from March 3 – 6, 2022, at Canadian Tire Centre. Tickets are going fast, so grab them HERE while you still can!