Local techie Melad Ahmadzai runs computer-fixing business

Melad Ahmadzai is a 28-year-old local techie who pushes all of his energy towards running a small business called Taleam Systems. Melad is the CEO of Taleam Systems and his business provides services to both home businesses and server users.

Melad says, “I created this business with the help of my father in 2011. Taleam Systems provides same-day computer service to home users and computer services in Ottawa. We update your systems and also provide website design.”

“My favourite part is calling customers and traveling around the city,” says Melad.

Taleam also has plans to expand his business saying, “During the pandemic, Taleam created a service that is a Web Base Appointment Solution for Medical Clinics. Furthermore, we have plans to expand this solution to Toronto and Montreal. As a result of Covid-19, we cannot go to our customers. Before Covid we would travel around the city and provide friendly services and communication. It is unfortunate because we want to be there for our customers and be there on site.”

Melad graduated from Algonquin college where he learned how to use Microsoft, Powerpoint, as well as research and communication skills that provide him with the knowledge and tools to run his business.

Melad says, “I am happy to apply these skills and help businesses resolve their computer issues.”

An audio clip of Melad explaining what he does:

For more information visit https://www.taleamsystems.com