Locate Services: Finding the Unfindable

You don’t have to be working for the police or the government to discover a need to use locate services to find someone. Regular everyday people often find themselves wishing they knew how to locate someone with whom they need to communicate with, but give up after a quick fruitless Google or Facebook search. You might think that locate services are only needed for legal or criminal purposes, but they can actually make a big difference for regular people, too. Here’s what you never knew about locate services for the public:

Contractor Scams

Imagine that you hire a contractor to do a job for you in your house. The contractor shows up, maybe he does the job properly, maybe he doesn’t. Perhaps he steals from you and doesn’t show up for work the next day. Now you are left the victim of theft and have to live with an unfinished job in your house. Suddenly the contractor is not answering his phone and you realize you never did get a business address for them.

The average person will not be able to search much beyond typing the contractor’s name or phone number into Google to try to find an address for them. Calling the police may even prove to be fruitless because many scam artists use fake names in order to gain access to your home, and the police have much bigger fish to fry. 

“We see it all the time,” says Whitney Joy Smith, licensed private investigator and owner of The Smith Investigation Agency. “Nice, hardworking people get scammed by con artists who take advantage of people for a living.” Whitney goes on to explain that location services is a big part of their business due to the number of dishonest and elusive people in society. “We receive calls all the time from people hoping we can help them track someone down. Your average person doesn’t have the time or resources to find someone, but the best private investigation agencies have great success in locating people who don’t want to be found.”

Lost Connections

Not all people who require locate services have been wronged. Whitney explains, “Locate services can help adopted children find their birth parents. They can connect best friends who lost touch over the years. We’ve even helped long-lost loves reconnect and rekindle that romance. Whether we’re helping a client recover missing money or bringing loved ones back together, it’s such a rewarding job.”

There are endless reasons for wanting to locate someone. If an ex-spouse is avoiding paying child support and hiding their location, or if you need to contact the previous owners of your house for imperative information on the house that only they would be privy to; there are many reasons why the average person can make use of locate services.

“Another thing that our clients love about us is how affordable our services are. Many people don’t make the initial call because they fear they won’t be able to afford our services, but we want the world to know that locating someone doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.” says Whitney when asked about pricing for locate services. “It’s something we feel should be affordable and available to anyone who may need it.”