Love is on the hair

Why Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant procedures are a developing pattern in today's modern times. Many people face problems like a receding hairline or patterned baldness. To add to this, hair thinning is another complication that can lead to baldness and needs attention. These issues concern individuals a lot. Thanks to science and technology, most of the hair problems can be solved. Amongst the wide range of treatments present today, opting for the best option is a difficult decision to make. The best and most effective treatment is a hair transplant. The results of a hair transplant are natural looking and natural feeling. The transplanted hair can be just like natural hair. You can trim, colour, style and do whatever natural hair can withstand. The moment you think that you need a hair transplant, that is the right time. If you have decided to get a transplant, consider getting a hair transplant in Turkey. Why Turkey? Because it would be the best option as the hair transplant price in Turkey is low as compared to other regions. 

What is a Hair Transplant? 

A Hair transplant is a procedure in which hair follicles from one part of the body are extracted and planted into the area of treatment. The area from which the hair is extracted is called the 'donor site', and the area being treated is called the 'recipient site'. Hair transplants are essentially done to treat male pattern hair loss. In a hair transplant procedure, the areas of the body containing hair follicles that are unlikely to go bald are transplanted to the bare scalp. Apart from the hair on the head, hair transplantation can be done in other parts of the body. Eyelashes, eyebrows, whiskers hair, chest hair, pubic hair and areas that have scars are some places where hair can be transplanted.

When is the Best Time for Affordable Hair Transplant Procedures?

While some general elements that will always be a part of the general cost of the treatment, but, the costs of accommodation, travelling and the cost of the procedure you choose might vary during holidays or seasonal changes

There are two times to keep in mind when deciding the best and most affordable time to get hair transplant surgery and they are the seasonal changes and the holidays.

Seasonal Changes 

There isn't a huge price difference between the regular costs of hair transplant treatments and the seasonal costs of the treatments. However, it won't be wrong to say that the costs of hair transplant procedure might be a little lower than the usual rates during Summers. Summers get very hot and people often have short vacations or take days off to get rid of the heat or many might stay indoors and get a climate that is cool or milder. This is a good time for medical institutions to come up with discounts and offers that might lower the cost of the procedures for the time being. The same can be experienced for other seasons. The bottom line is that it might be hard to experience a major difference in the cost of hair transplant procedure due to seasonal changes.


On the other hand, holidays have an impact on the prices of hair transplant procedures. Because holidays are a time when people are off work and they can have the opportunity to undergo a transplant and get speedy recovery as they have enough time to rest. 

The holidays also serve as an advantage for medical institutions and they come with special campaigns, discounts, packages, and offers.It is always better to follow the medical clinic’s social media accounts and websites. Because holidays are a time when people are off work and they can also have their treatment done. You can earn great benefits from the special holidays and following the campaigns. Some holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc are the best times to get hands, on the best deals. The period that has many holidays also called a holiday season is also a good time to get good discounts and offers on hair transplant procedures. Many medical clinics and companies send e-mails and SMS's to announce their campaigns and offers. Do not be late to get the hair you are dreaming of.