Luckiest People on Earth

Having Lady Luck on your side can play an important role in your life, but there are people who have had truly extraordinary experiences in which luck has made the difference between life and death. While we may not know exactly how you can channel your luck, we have prepared a few stories about the luckiest people on Earth that can definitely put things into perspective. Their amazing stories will show you just how much of a difference a lucky strike can make in the long run.

1. Peter McCathie – The Man Who Was Struck by Lighting and Won the Lottery

Canadian Peter McCathie has never considered himself as being a particularly lucky man, but his story is absolutely incredible. Not only was he struck by lightning at age 14 and lived to tell the story, but he has won a whopping $1 million in the lottery.

According to University of Moncton Mathematics professor Sophie Leger, such odds are “almost not possible”. Moreover, it appears that luck runs in the McCathie family because his daughter has also survived a lightning strike. If you want to try out the lottery experience for yourself, you can play online on and find out just how lucky you are.

3. Tsutomu Yamaguchi – The Man Who Survived Both Atomic Bombings

Tsutomu Yamaguchi is the only Japanese man to have survived the atomic bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. His story is nothing short of breath-taking. It was Mr. Yamaguchi’s last day in Hiroshima when the bomb was launched. Located two miles from the explosion site, he was still burnt severely and temporarily blinded.

He remembers that when he opened his eyes, everything was dark. He said that it felt like the moment before a film starts at the cinema when there are only black frames flashing on the screen but no sound. Only three days after the bombing, he managed to get home, to Nagasaki. His injuries were so extreme that his friends could not recognize him anymore.

Then, the second atomic bomb was launched on Nagasaki and Mr. Yamaguchi said that he thought that the “mushroom could” had followed him all the way from Hiroshima. In spite of his injuries and ration poisoning, he lived up to 93 years old and eventually died of cancer. His outstanding experience has made Mr. Yamaguchi one of the most powerful voices advocating nuclear disarmament.

3. Frane Selak – The Ultimate Survivor Who Went On To Win the Lottery

The Frane Selak story is absolutely overwhelming. The Croatian teacher has cheated death as many as seven times up to this point. He has survived a plane crash, a train derailing into an icy river, a bus crash, and several car crashes. Then, he won £600,000 when he played the lottery for the very first time.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Selak is regarded as one of the luckiest people in the world, but his take on the matter is somewhat different. ”I always think I was unlucky to have been in them in the first place”, says Frane Selak about his survival stories. He has donated most of his lottery winnings and moved back to his home in Zagreb to live a quiet life with his wife.

As you can see, luck has saved people like Peter McCathie, Frane Selak, and Tsutomu Yamaguchi. It has shaped their lives into remarkable stories that serve as valuable examples to each and every one of us. So, think back and you may find that you have some luck stories of your own to tell.