Luring Millenial Gamers: Lottery vs Jackpot Slots

It has become quite apparent to gaming operators around the globe, that the millennial gamer is not overly interested in regular casino gambling activities such as table games and land-based slot machines. They don’t seem to be buying lottery tickets either, and this has left said gaming operators with the head-scratching task of considering new ways to approach this next generation of punters.

One such approach was recently undertaken by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. They hosted a Hackathon weekend, encouraging around 200 coders to come up with gaming ideas, with a cash prize at stake for the individual winner. Besides this event, the BCLC has also been collaborating with students at The Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, where emerging ideas included more interaction with punters after they have purchased their lotto tickets to keep them engaged.

The outcome of such endeavours notwithstanding, it would be fair to assume then that the millennial player who can be persuaded to partake in their respective national lottery, will also enjoy a spin on an online progressive slot machine.  Because ultimately the premise is the same; spend a little to potentially win a life changing sum of money.

If seen from the new age punter’s point of view, not only do they want to be immersed in entertainment, they’re also all about instant gratification. It therefore makes sense that the targeted market will gravitate more towards the option that offers them the best chance of winning big… with the least amount of effort. And if it comes down to a choice of playing jackpot slots or the lottery, which presents the better odds?

Based on research conducted around some of the top lotteries played world-wide today, it is evident that your chances of winning big off a single ticket in a lottery is greatly influenced by the country you reside in. For example, you would be 623 times more likely to win the lottery in Spain than if you were to play the Italian Lottery where you have a one in 104 million chance!

Progressive jackpot slots on the other hand offer far better odds of success, and is not dependent on the punter’s physical location. In fact, there are many offshore top online casinos that cater to Canadian players. A single spin on an online slot can also cost considerably less than buying one lotto ticket, as illustrated by British veteran John Orchard who won a whopping £5.3 million from a 30 pence wager while playing Mega Moolah.

In addition, Canadian online slots can be played 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year round. Games are regularly audited for fair play by various gambling authorities; the UK Gambling commission, the Gibraltar Gambling commission, and the Malta Gaming Commission being the most prominent. There are hundreds of games to choose from that are instantly accessible and easy to play, and wagers can be adjusted to suit your bankroll as opposed to being forced to play at a fixed price.