Make a Splash this Summer with OWL Rafting!

This summer members of the Ottawa Life team were lucky enough to have the opportunity to escape the city for a day of outdoor adventure with OWL Rafting on the Ottawa River. Having previously gone on an excursion with OWL, and knowing what a thrill white water rafting is, we simply could not pass up the chance to go again!

The Ottawa river is known worldwide as being a desirable playground to some of the top white water kayakers due to its size and large variety of rapids. Not only has this river been host to many large white water competitions, but it is also a place for any beginner adrenaline junkies to visit and learn how to white water raft and kayak.

The large, twenty-five-acre resort, located in Foresters Falls, is home to many different facilities; such as volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, and a swim out dock to ensure that there is never a dull moment during your stay. And speaking of stays, you can choose between camping in tents, staying in cabins, or treating yourself to their new en-suite cabañas, for the duration of your time at OWL.

For our excursion we opted for a full day of adventure rafting in one of OWL Rafting’s signature ‘big boats’ – a large, yellow raft that holds up to twelve passengers – with two charismatic guides who made sure we were all having a rousing time. But, before stepping foot in one of their big, yellow boats, we were led through an extensive safety presentation highlighting the dangers of white water rafting and how to best deal with these potential issues, should they happen.

That being said, as nervous as some of us may have felt as we were getting into our wetsuits and all geared up for the day, we could not have felt safer once our guides brought us out on the water. Though I must admit approaching the first rapid of the day was somewhat terrifying, once reaching the bottom we all found ourselves eagerly awaiting the next rapid we would descend, and the rush of pure adrenaline that would come alongside it.

Midway through the day we stopped along the shore of the river for some refreshments and snacks to keep us fueled up and ready for more rapids. But what truly kept our team going was the sheer beauty of the landscape that surrounded us and the gratitude we felt for being lucky enough to live and play in a place as stunning as this. However, this feeling of serenity was fleeting and the excitement returned once again as we embarked on our boats and set out to take on more of the rivers rapids.

Feeling refreshed and ready to paddle once more, it was back to the rapids for our team! We tackled the next sets of rapids like pros (or at least our guides made us feel like we were pros) and ended the trip with a leisurely paddle accompanied by lots of jokes, personal anecdotes, and reflecting on what we had experienced that day on the river.

Though we were sad to see our rafting adventure come to an end, we were excited to see the large pontoon that greeted us at the end of our paddle where we were to be treated to a delicious barbeque lunch and given a chance to rest after a day of hard work.

Overall, it was a day filled with adventure, laughs, good food, and greater company. A day we would be happy to relive again, and an excursion that we would recommend to anyone who wants to experience something amazing in the Ottawa area this summer. A huge thank you goes out to OWL Rafting, and a special shout-out to our guides Straun and Aidan, who helped make this unforgettable day possible!