Make Christmas With The Ennis Sisters Part of Your Holiday Tradition

Whether decorating a tree, being with family and friends you haven’t seen for a while, or that last-minute rush to the store to find the perfect gift, we all have holiday traditions. I am pretty excited about a new tradition of mine, The Ennis Sisters. The trio will perform at Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe as part of their Christmas with The Ennis Sisters tour.

The extremely talented musical siblings have entertained audiences for over 25 years, but you wouldn’t know it to look at them as nothing about their performances feels ‘mailed in.’

There are many musical acts one can see, but you would be hard-pressed to find one that comes close to resembling what you get when Maureen, Karen and Teresa take the stage. In addition to a collection of holiday hits — it is, after all, a holiday-themed show — you’ll get some extremely authentic and humorous banter between the sisters. It doesn’t take Agatha Christie to deduce that these sisters are what they claim to be: best friends whose infectious spirit will infect everyone with a sense of fun in time for the holidays.

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview Karen, and this year, I must be on Santa’s nice list because I got to interview all three sisters.

Check out the interview below and make sure to get tickets to Christmas with The Ennis Sisters on Thursday, December 7 at the Meridian Theatre at Centrepointe.

Watch the interview with Maureen, Karen, and Teresa:

Photo: ©David Howells