Making a Machine-Made Rug!

Making a Machine-Made Rug!

Making a Machine-Made Rug!

Having just returned from a whirlwind trip to Berlin and Brussels visiting their state of the art Flooring Factories, I am excited to share with you ‘The Making of a Machine Made Rug.’

Machine made, as the name suggests, are technically very different from handmade rugs. The most prominent difference other than the valuable impression of a handmade rug, is that machine made rugs are glued onto a latex backing which hold the loops in place.

Machine made rugs are not woven by hand, they are loomed on a machine. The fringe is sewn on as an extension rather than traditionally part of the rug. The machine made is also surged on the edges of both sides, as opposed to hand knotted which would be irregular and imperfect. The stitching on the back will be very consistent, as the knots are very regular. Different materials are used whereas handmade usually consists of 100 per cent wool or silk.

These carpets were remarkably quick to make, but one must consider the technology and incredible machinery that makes the efficiency amazing.

Yarn arrives in bulk to the factory and is wound onto these spools in its natural form.

You can learn more about the machine rug making process by flipping through the slideshow below:

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Gordon Evans January 08, 2022 2:46 pm

Hello Shelley I miss you in the stores ads on TV the last month. I hope you are doing OK. I am in Ottawa and found your store on Hazeldean Road. Anyway I have always wonder how the large carpets are and now the difference in hand made. We inherited a very large 12 x 15 feet original hand woven carpet but give it to a relative because our main room was too small. But we are doing a cottage reno and we will have space for a new carpet. We will come to your store this spring. Take care and thanks for writing this piece. Stay well Gordon Evans Kanata Ontario