• By: Keith Whittier

Making Memories Last: The Memory Clinic of Outaouais

The Memory Clinic of Outaouais, in Gatineau, Quebec, is open and ready to help the community. Specializing in research on neurological disorders, the Memory Clinic strives to ensure its patients receive the best possible care.

DrBCroppedDr. Richard Bergeron (M.D., Ph.D., FRCPC) is the owner and principal investigator. He assists patients experiencing memory problems at all stages. Not only does the clinic offer treatments, supportive therapy and education, it is also proactive about early detection.

“Our overall goal is to collaborate with Health Canada to test new medications coming onto the market for treatment or prevention of Alzheimer’s,” says Bergeron.

Bergeron continuously works to apply clinical research to clinical practice. “Our best tool in fighting this disease is research,” he says.

“When patients come here they know they may have access to new treatments to help their memory,” says Bergeron. The Memory Clinic of Outaouais is unique in this way. The services it offers come at no cost to the patient.

It is obvious Bergeron takes great pride in his work. His favourite part about his job? Bergeron says it is offering patients new hope.

20140911_105029“What excites me most is to know what we can do in the lab. We can work with the health company and get new medications to test in the clinic here,” says Bergeron.

As a new addition to the community, the Memory Clinic of Outaouais held a grand opening for health professionals to attend on September 18 and another grand opening for the general public on September 21.

Since their grand opening, the clinic has received a tremendous response from the community. This can be seen as a direct reflection of the impressive facility, staff and vision, headed by Bergeron.

The Memory Clinic of Outaouais is located at 160 Blvd. de l’Hopital. To learn more, visit the website or browse its Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates.