Making Your Dream Vacation a Reality

Last Wednesday, June 11, Onkar Travels released new brochures available for travel agencies and companies for their new season (October – March). Hosted at Indian restaurant, Aahar on Churchill Avenue, the buffet dinner was delicious before everyone settled in to learn of all the travel opportunities Onkar has to offer.

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Established in February of 1980, Onkar Travels is one of the largest travel networks in Canada. Affiliated with multiple travel associations, they aim to make your dream vacation a reality. Anything that you want to experience they can and will make possible.

A leading wholesaler in airline tickets, they also have consolidated or net fare contacts with various major airlines to send you all over the world.

Specializing in trips to India, they design tours with their experienced and expert team to provide travelers with the best that India has to offer in all facets and areas. Their latest information from “Incredible !ndia” depicts the tours available that will not only show you the Taj Mahal. Taking you along to both well-known and more discrete towns and cities, you see that there is more to India than just the pictures on postcards.

Their trusted brand is dedicated to serving you with the vacation you’ve always dreamed of. While they specialize in trips to India, that is not the only available destination. They offer “Incredible World Tours”—their brochure appropriately named. Each tour offers something different for the desired area. From other places in Asia such as Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia to European destinations such as Italy and Switzerland, you not only are presented the opportunity to see all the famous landmarks of the region but experience things off the beaten path—things not many others have discovered.

It is here that Onkar Travels have found their niche. Onkar Travels can design personalized tours and getaways to ensure that their clients get everything they want out of their trip. From the day you begin planning your adventure, Onkar Travels encourages active interaction to tailor the trip to your every need and want.

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In this, they live up to their slogan: Turning Journeys into Memories.

Where will your next journey take you?