• By: Allen Brown

Unlocking European Wonders: The Power of Maltese Citizenship

According to the Maltese island’s migration procedure, anyone who has decided to invest a certain amount of money in the country’s economy can become a holder of a golden passport. In this regard, the state regularly replenishes the economic fund with foreign capital, and people can enjoy many benefits at the European level.

The program for obtaining Malta permanent residence is one of the most popular among financially independent people. Today, every second participant becomes a holder of the coveted document.

Overview of Malta

Malta is famous for its efficient healthcare system. There is excellent ecology, fresh air, and diverse flora and fauna. Despite the high cost of products, they are high quality and tasty. Malta PR owners can forget about harsh winters because the temperature here drops to 12℃, and locals have not seen snow for a long time. In the summer, tourist activities flourish, with temperatures ranging from 28-30℃. The peaceful atmosphere of the island attracts many people of different age groups to move to this country and enjoy their lives with pleasure and excellent prospects.

Maltese Citizenship by Investment Program

Foreign nationals from non-EU countries can apply for the Malta permanent residence program. The application process is highly efficient. Compared to other immigration projects, it is fast. Today, the number of participants to get Maltese passport  should not exceed 1800 applicants. For this reason, many people should hurry up with selecting and submitting relevant documents. 

According to the expert opinion of the company specialist Imin Malta Albert Loffe, there are several options for obtaining the coveted certificate. These include: 

• contribution to the country’s economy of at least 700 thousand euros;

• purchase of bonds for 300 thousand euros;

• buy or lease real estate.

An important point is that the candidate’s bank account must have a fixed amount of half a million euros and frozen funds – 150,000 euros. A permanent residence card is provided to the investor with a requirement to renew it every 4-5 years. 

Benefits of Citizenship in Malta

Many people wish to become legal residents of Malta and enjoy year-round vacations on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The official status offers many opportunities and benefits. The Maltese government is interested in foreign investors, so applicants receive economic perks and privileges as part of the program. 

Professionals of Imin Malta note one of the main advantages of a permanent residence permit in the island state – a visa-free regime in more than 180 countries. Having a document of Malta citizenship in your hands, you can visit different parts of the world without restrictions. 


The island is among the most attractive places for quality education and prospects. The system is based on the example of English-speaking countries. The cost of obtaining knowledge is quite affordable. In addition, children of Malta residency card holders can enter a higher education institution and choose any direction – from an art historian to a specialist in quantum physics. The universities also cooperate on the famous ERASMUS student exchange program in Australia, Japan, the USA, and Singapore. Higher education diplomas obtained in Malta are recognized in all European countries and the United States of America. 


If you have pr in Malta, then European-level health insurance is available. You will be able to get help from the best specialists in the field of medicine under the ENLS system. Public clinics provide access to specialists in surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology, and other areas. Service in private hospitals is not cheap, but the investor can find specialists of narrow profile, working according to the standards of Europe and America. 

Lifestyle Perks

When investing money in the country’s economy, you can count on economic quotas and certain tax benefits. Following all procedures regulated by law, you will conduct profitable and legal activities on the state territory.

The annual yield from renting out the purchased housing is from 5 to 10%. One of the tempting benefits of Malta passport is that the depositor will receive income at the European level. 


If you are interested in movement to another country but do not know where to start, we recommend contacting Imin Malta. You can achieve your goals and get the coveted document with minimal effort. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend your life in a paradise place and travel without borders by participating in an affordable investment program. Self-preparation of documents brings with it many issues, during the solution of which difficulties arise. Cooperation with specialists will avoid misunderstandings and you can just enjoy the process. Professionals will prepare a package of documents as quickly as possible and you will receive the desired visa in a short time.