• By: Keith Whittier

Margaret Chwialkowska Illustrates Reflection in Annex Gallery Exhibit

All photos by David Barbour 

Ottawa-based artist Margaret Chwialkowska’s solo exhibition, “The Illusion of Reality,” brings a marvelous must-see energy to the Ottawa Art Gallery’s Annex Gallery at Ottawa City Hall.

In this collection, Chwialkowska delves into the theme of reflection. Her
work explores the evolving natural landscapes and the mind of the artist, allowing Chwialkowska to self-reflect on her relationship with nature, her work and her life.

Drawing inspiration from the Ottawa-Gatineau landscape, this award-winning artist is able to capture emotion in her work. Dynamic colours and textures make the scenery come to life with a remarkable sense of vibrancy and splendor.

This is Chwialkowska’s signature technique. Working mainly with a palette knife in the ‘alla prima’ style, she builds layers and layers of wet paint to evoke a feeling of movement.

The whimsical beauty of nature is an integral aspect of Chwialkowska’s work. Born and educated in Poland, she moved to Canada in 1979 and fell in love with North America’s diverse landscapes. Although she focuses on the Ottawa area, her work is expansive. Chwialkowska has captured the natural beauty of the Northwest Territories, Ontario’s lake country and southern California. In addition to her current display at City Hall, Chwialkowska’s work has been featured in several other Canadian galleries and private and corporate collections across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Mayor Jim Watson (left) and Margaret in the Annex Gallery.
Mayor Jim Watson (left) and Margaret Chwialkowska in the Annex Gallery.

Ottawa City Hall is perhaps the perfect place for Chwialkowska’s paintings. Her impressive body of work, from “The Illusion of Reality” and beyond, is a vision of Canadian identity and a proud example of local talent.

“The Illusion of Reality” is on display at OAG’s Annex Gallery at Ottawa City Hall until July 12, 2015.

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To learn more about Margaret Chwialkowska’s work, visit her website here.