• By: Chloë Hayes

“Maud Lewis: Paintings for Sale” is a vibrant tribute to Maritime art history

Published by: Goose Lane Editions with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Price: $35
ISBN: (Hardcover) 9781773101460

The vibrance of Maud Lewis’ colours and the eccentricity of her creations have won her a place as one of Canada’s most beloved folk artists. Born in 1903, Maud spent her life humbly encapsulating the enchanting, ever-changing places of rural Nova Scotia in her little cabin in Marshalltown, Nova Scotia, until her death in 1970.

Maud Lewis: Paintings for Sale by Sarah Milroy works to highlight what makes Maud’s artwork truly stand out, from her ability to use colours to shape a scene to the hopefulness and joy her artwork projects, even after her own life’s darker moments.

Maud created hundreds of paintings throughout her time, many being for tourists with specific requests, to which she would always add the most special, individual touches. Maud’s “made-to-order” system should not set her apart from being perceived as a true artist, as her work has always been riddled with fierce creativity. A vast selection of Maud’s paintings, including ones never before available to the public, can be found in this charming book.

About the author

Sarah Milroy is the Chief Curator at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. She is highly respected in her field and has contributed to over a dozen books on art, such as David Milne: Modern Painting. In Maud Lewis: Paintings for Sale, Milroy attempts to form a new dialogue on Maud’s art, one where she is taken more seriously as an artist and can have her art discussed in terms of its aesthetic, motifs, and originality.