• By: Tatum Bergen

Medieval is in–Mythical jewelry with a modern twist

Inspired by mythology and monsters, KIL N.Y.C. recently released their newest jewelry line, the Teras Collection. The collection is designed to reintroduce ancient creatures in modern forms, crafted to display a passion for history and tradition. From the Minotaur and the Argus to the Chimera and Medusa, stories of ancient Greek gods and monsters entertain and educate. These contemporary pieces help people draw parallels from these ancient stories to modern society. Mystical and chic, all pieces are made for both men and women.

“I created Teras to bring imaginary creatures into our world. Each scale is lovingly hand carved, and precious stones are meticulously selected to bring the Minotaur, the Chimera, and the Argus from the pages of old times into the world of modern jewelry. Our pieces are designed for world-explorers, history lovers, and those who would like to add a bit of eccentricity to their jewelry box,” says Konstantinos I. Leoussis, founder and designer.

Inspired by a life of travel and antiquities, Leoussis forged his passion for world history and his jewelry skills to create KIL N.Y.C. in 2018. Leoussis creates styles that merge mythology and class by partnering his love of old-world techniques and motifs with his experience working under jewelry historians.

Each piece is made in NYC and is available in reclaimed and recycled precious metal options, including sterling silver and 14K and 18K gold. KIL N.Y.C. uses recycled paper materials for shipping and is carbon negative–sustainable and stylish.

Photos: Little Wolf Collective