Mexico Celebrates Canada 150

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The Mexico Tourism Board invited Ottawa to Experience Mexico this past weekend. The free and interactive exhibit was held at the Horticultural Building and attracted over 15,000 local residents who had the opportunity to explore Mexico’s vibrant cultural mosaic. Event-goers embarked on a virtual journey to this exciting country of ancient ruins, modern urban centres, spectacular beaches, colonial architecture and colourful marketplaces.

Through music, dancing, and tasting traditional dishes, guests were transported to Mexico’s very distinctive warmth and hospitality. Guests were also able to browse through the stunning artwork, jewelry and handicrafts that were on display.

The exhibit delved into Mexico’s captivating history, highlighting its numerous and longstanding connections with Canada and revealed the breadth of its complex, diverse ecosystems.

Those who attended the exhibit on Saturday had the chance to view two special live performances by Cirque du Soleil from their show Luzia – A waking dream of Mexico. The performances invited the audience to explore their senses and the music was infused with the cultural richness of Mexico.

It was a truly must-see performance!